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Tools of the Trade at CrossFit 405

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Tools of the Trade at CrossFit 405

Let’s talk about the Tools of the Trade we use at CrossFit 405 in Midtown and Norman to give our members the best experience possible.

Maybe you’re considering signing up for the next on-ramp class. (Can’t hurt to prepare for those holidays.) Or you’re new to the area and checking out CrossFit gyms to fill that WOD-shaped hole in your heart since you left your “home box.” Maybe you’re a member who simply reads everything on the CrossFit 405 page (I like you guys). Whatever the case, read on for the cool perks of being part of our community in Oklahoma City and Norman.


CrossFit 405 Tool #1: On-Ramp

We start all of our new members in a 4-week beginner program that we call “On-Ramp.” In your four weeks (classes on M/W/TR), you learn the basic CrossFit movements (and practice them!), get to know your coaches, and participate in “mini” CrossFit classes that include a warm-up, workout, and cool-down. Coaches break down every barbell movement into segments that you practice with a lightweight PVC pipe. They get to know your skill level, and you get a feel for what the CrossFit classes are going to be like when you “graduate.” (Yes, you get a diploma.)

Why we love it: These four weeks are essential for someone who’s never done CrossFit, and they’re helpful for someone who hasn’t stepped foot in a box in a few years. We utilize a lot of different movements in the WODs (workout of the day), so we want you to know how to do them properly. (We’ll also teach you scales of movements, so every skill level has plenty of options.) There’s lots of lingo to learn (Snatch? Turkish get-up?), and there’s no need to feel rushed to learn everything in one class. This is the place to take it slow, ask questions, and learn. But don’t worry—once the 4 weeks is finished and you’re in regular classes, you still have a coach to walk you through every piece of the workout, and you still get to ask questions.


CrossFit 405 Tool #2: Certified Coaches

tools of the trade coaches

Isaac coaching our Community WOD

Between Midtown and Norman, we have 13 coaches. Those 13 coaches have 46 certifications among them (last I counted). Those certifications include the CrossFit L1 (obviously the most common), OPEX L1, CrossFit Gymnastics, USAW Sports Performance Coaching certification… etc., etc. You can view our coaches’ bios here (midtown) and here (Norman) if you want the more detailed scoop.

Great, so they have a piece of paper.

But our coaches also have to shadow 50 hours of classes and training before they become your next coach.

On top of that, the coaches are always looking for ways to improve. They schedule team meetings, get client feedback, host special seminars and attend courses. They’re here to answer your questions, encourage you, correct you, and guide you. The coaches at Midtown and Norman aren’t just random people in special t-shirts. They care about you. They want you to get stronger, faster, healthier, happier. And they dedicate themselves to making that happen.

And no, I’m not a coach. #nobias


CrossFit 405 Tool #3: Gym-Customized Programming

tools of the trade programming

Aaron programs the workouts, but don’t worry, he hates them a little, too.

Ever notice how we’ll do tempo front squats one week, and then do them again the next week at really similar rep scheme, but they’re heavier? (Yes, duh.)

That’s because our workouts are not just random nuggets of pain from Aaron’s brain. There is a method to the “madness,” and that method is built around bettering the gym as a whole. There is a reason we sign in, a reason we record our results. There’s a reason we “benchmark” workouts that aren’t typical “girl” or “hero” WODs. When Aaron programs, he looks at the gym’s past performance. He notes the weak spots and programs around improving those areas.

So don’t complain when you haven’t done pull-ups in forever and then suddenly see them every other day—at the end of the cycle, you know you’ll be a rock star (or at least far improved).

There’s a reason we have “light days” and “really go hard” days. You can’t do either one all the time—you’d never improve, or you’d burn out and hurt yourself. So pay attention, listen to your coaches, and be grateful someone else puts in all those programming hours so you don’t have to.


CrossFit 405 Tool #4: Community

tools of the trade community

Brett & Des flipping a tire together during a team WOD

That word had to make an appearance somewhere, didn’t it?

The “community” sentiment has been spoken by our members’ in many other posts, but I’ll say it again—we have a tight, dedicated community here at CrossFit 405 and CrossFit 405 South—and that, ultimately, is what keeps people coming back.

It’s one of our best tools, really.

How hard is it to go to the gym alone? How boring is it to walk amongst machines and awkwardly avoid eye contact with the strangers sweating around you?

We don’t have to do that here! We all know each other’s’ names. We know who hates running (most people) and who loves it (me and…?). We notice when an athlete goes missing for a few weeks, and we welcome then when they return. We support each other here.

Sure, we’re (fiercely) competitive, and we’ll fight hard to beat each other’s scores—but at the end of the day, we’re rooting for each other. And that’s the most indispensable tool we have.

Chelsi Romero said it best to me during a WOD: “I hate you, Chandler. I love you, and I’m so f***ing proud of you, but I hate you.” #community


CrossFit 405 Tool #5: Parties

tools of the trade parties

2016 CrossFit 405 Halloween Party

“Is that really a ‘tool of the trade’?” you ask.

Yes, yes it is.

Because you can only learn so much about a person while they’re grunting under a barbell (more than you would think, though).

So we get together with our fellow athletes to build our amazing community! Your WOD buddies become some of your best friends, so it only makes sense that you’d throw a few parties with them. Check out the details on our upcoming Halloween party (yes, costumes welcome)!

And if you can’t make one of the parties, we frequently host happy hours, Stink & Drinks (workout at gym, consume alcohol at bar), or themed WODS that become mini parties. These include benefit WODs where you raise money and get to pet puppies, all-ladies WODs where you can talk about bra sweat and double-under pee (we do that anyway), and Club 40, for the silver foxes of our boxes. (At least I think that’s what it is; I wasn’t invited.)

Social events galore. Take your pick.


CrossFit Tool #6: Communication Forums

tools of the trade communication

Things you’ll see in the Facebook group…

My fancy way of saying “Facebook groups where we all ask each other questions about our diets, post pictures of cheat-day pizzas, complain about our sore deltoids, and threaten to destroy Aaron because his chisel hurts us when he carves us into Beastmode.”

Seriously, though, our Facebook groups are a really useful tool. Aside from the uses mentioned above, the groups are a great way for the box members and coaches to communicate. Some other ways 405ers use this tool:

  • Ask questions about the workout ahead of time/afterward
  • Ask other people if they’re sore in XYZ area
  • Post cool recipes
  • Share dumb CrossFit videos
  • Share dumb CrossFit memes
  • Ask if we’re closing for XYZ holiday (before they read it in the announcements on Wodify)
  • Post photos of gnarly blisters
  • Post advice for healing gnarly blisters
  • Post photos of gnarly bruises/double-under whip marks/box-jump scabs
  • Ask who else is attending XYZ WOD so they won’t workout alone
  • Sharing the CrossFit 405 calendar
  • Congratulating athletes on PRs
  • Thanking athletes/coaches for encouragement/instruction
  • etc.…

It’s useful. It’s crazy. It’s a lot of fun. If you’re a member of CrossFit 405 or CrossFit 405 and don’t belong to our FB group, ask one of your coaches to add you!


CrossFit 405 Tool #7: Your Body

tools of the trade your body is machine

Pain on the assault bike…

At my first CrossFit gym, the owner told me, “You won’t find any machines here. Your body is the machine.”

What better way to make a newbie feel badass?

At CrossFit, you will learn how to use your body to the best of its ability. We don’t have treadmills, we don’t have ellipticals, and we don’t have “squat machines.” We have barbells and dumbbells and pull-up bars—but the only equipment you’ll find with any sort of lever or pulley is a rower (also called an erg) or an assault bike. Hop on either one of those and you’ll learn very quickly that your body is the engine.

You will find some really fun equipment for your body to play on, though. The rig, for instance (this is the large monkey-bar contraption you see people hanging from). The rig doubles as a squat rack, as well as a handy place to hang gymnastics rings. We also have climbing ropes, squishy weighted balls to throw (i.e., medicine balls), and plenty of mats on which to practice handstand walks or burpees.

So, While CrossFit 405 and 405 South isn’t full of your typical “gym equipment,” there are plenty of ways to challenge your strength and endurance here. Come check it out if you haven’t already!


Interested in learning more about how we use our tools of the trade? Schedule a free consultation here!


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