When Chris started at CrossFit 405 during the spring of 2021, he was the heaviest he had been, but the idea of going to a normal gym wasn’t appealing.

Since starting CrossFit, Chris felt his experience has been amazing and he’s dropped 40lbs! In addition to feeling more self-confident and comfortable in his own skin, he’s felt this experience has made him a better person overall.

Special shout-out to Aaron, Holly, Shyla, Dustin and Dani, without y’all I would not be where I am today. Thank you for pushing me and I cannot wait to see what the future holds!

Why did you start CrossFit?

I was the heaviest I have ever been, I needed a change. The idea of going to a “globo gym” just was not appealing.

Tell us about your experience as a member at CrossFit 405? What's it been like?

It has been amazing! The idea of performing the movements seem intimidating but the coaching staff is extremely supportive and patient.

Take us back to when you first started CrossFit. Tell us what that was like in the beginning?

I remember the day I walked in for my first On-Ramp class at CF405. I was nervous!

What's different for you now? How have things changed for you since starting CrossFit?

I have lost 40lbs since the beginning of my journey at CF405!! I am a more self confident, and comfortable in my own skin again! My overall quality of life has greatly increased!

What specific goals have you accomplished since starting CrossFit?

I’ve lost weight, cleaned up my diet which has lead me to feel better. All of which have just made me a better person!

What was the hardest part or the biggest obstacle you faced along the way?

Making it a habit to go to the gym consistently.

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