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Competition Thoughts: Day 1

By May 21, 2016No Comments
competition thoughts

Barbell weight for competition

Friday May 20, 2016 (Day 1 of Competition)

8:24 AM

My first thought waking up this morning: Oh no. This is it. The competition is today. You have to compete today. You have to drive to Oklahoma City and clean 105 pounds as many times as you can while hundreds of people watch (or, more accurately, while a few people watch). Don’t screw up. Don’t fail.

My team (dubbed Bear Trapz) from CrossFit 405 South practiced the first Bricktown Throwdown workout on Wednesday. We have 6 minutes to rack up as many points as possible with a 105lb barbell (for us 3 girls). A snatch is 5 points, a clean is 3, and a deadlift is 1.

One of our teammates, Emily, is a beast, and can clean that sucker at least ten times in a row. Julia and I are supposed to do at least three cleans for each of our turns (since none of us can snatch that weight and a deadlift just isn’t enough points). During our practice, I cleaned it once, went for the second rep, and failed. Granted, I’d worn myself out earlier that day and I was tired.

But still.

Needless to say, I’m a little nervous.

Scott: I’m just ready to lift heavy stuff! Bring it on…. at 7:32pm…

Emily: I’m so excited for my first competition. But I’m also so nervous. And I don’t want to do what I normally do in a long WOD and go out so fast that I don’t have any gas left the last few minutes. But I’m ready to kick some butt!

Stephen: Thinking about the 300 Spartans as they faced overwhelming odds….and kicked butt!



I think my team is a little more confident than I am. That’s good, though—good attitude.

Unless they’re hiding their true feelings.


This competition is for fun. That’s why I’m doing this—for fun and a new experience. Whether I do terrible or awesome, the ultimate outcome will be the same. Breeeeathe.


“I don’t know what to do with myself.” Homework, done. Lunch, eaten.

Scott: Burpees!

Emily: I’m just pacing around school!

Stephen: Nerves at full power, captain!


That’s it. I can’t take it anymore. I’m just gonna leave my house now.

3:43pm (arrival at Throwdown site)

Hey, the sun is shining! You know, maybe this won’t be so bad. The sun is kind of relaxing…

Damn. That means we’re not gonna get rained out. Where did this sunshine come from?!

Everyone else seems so calm, and happy, like this is no big deal…


I need to master the “CrossFit Quad Walk.” All these people strolling in look like their quads are magnetically attracted to the air in front of them and their thighs are pulling them everywhere they go…it’s awesome.


Okay, time to warm up. Man, should I test the actual weight we’re doing for the competition? I don’t want to get tired…

I have to test the actual weight. I have to know what it feels like.

…okay, not too bad, maybe. Just stick to the ten-rep scheme. Do at least 3 cleans, then fire out the rest in deadlifts.

5:12pm (watching the first heat)

Shit, these women are cleaning the whole time. Is anyone deadlifting? Why is no one deadlifting?

Why is she in the scaled division?—wait, she’s in the scaled division, too?


We’re going. Crap, we’re going. It’s our turn to compete. Tell me someone is as freaked out as I am. AAAAAHHHHHH!!!

During our 6 minutes in hell:

Man, Emily is so awesome. I’m so glad she’s on our team. 7-8-9… Ah, my turn!

*one rep.* *two rep.* Hey, this isn’t so bad! *three rep.* I’M DOING FOUR REPS! *four rep.* Better not push it. Deadliftdeadliftdeadliftdeadliftdeadlift.

The weights are sliding off! There’s no chance to fix them!

Four reps again!

Can’t stand still. Blood is vibrating.

Hey! We only have a minute left! Emily is crushing it! Twenty seconds! Oh, she’s slowing down a bit—should I jump in? Emily, I can jump in! Wait, she’s still going. Okay, okay…dang, go girl!


Then our judge stands there telling us the scores she wrote down, asking us to verify and sign off on our score sheet.

Uhmm…no snatches? Sure, that looks right. *squiggle something resembling signature*


As we’re walking out of the tiny “arena,” something inside me says, “I want more.”

Maybe I’ve gone insane. But I want to lift something else. I can’t believe it. I want to prove myself wrong again.

But now for the fun part—cheering on our CrossFit 405 Norman dudes while they compete.

Again, I’m surprised at some of the people I see competing in the scaled division (If you can snatch 155lbs for 6 minutes without breaking a sweat, is this really the right category for you?) But again, it just makes me even more proud of my teammates from Norman and Midtown because I know this was challenging for us. It was certainly terrifying for me.


But this is just the beginning—the appetizer to this 5-course meal of a competition. I’m so pumped for the rest of the Bricktown Throwdown events tomorrow. As we watched the guys from CrossFit 405 finish, my fiance asked me, “So what is this for?”

and I asked him, “What do you mean?”

“Is there like a prize at the end?”

And I had no idea. When our Norman team started, all I thought about doing something new and not letting anyone down, not totally screwing up. I never thought about winning (sorry, Stephen). But I’m still having a blast.

I don’t care where the Bear Trapz end up on the scoreboard. That’s not to say I’m not gonna give it my all in the competition tomorrow, but the satisfaction comes from knowing we tried our hardest, and again, did something totally new and scary. Which to me, is one of the best things about CrossFit—pushing your limits. And surprising yourself.

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