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CrossFit WOD, April 27, 2021

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Daily Mindset
"What is important is seldom urgent, and what is urgent is seldom important." – Dwight Eisenhower
Dwight Eisenhower lived one of the most productive lives you can imagine. It comes with no surprise that his methods for time management have been studied by many.
He creates for us a divide between two categories – urgent tasks, and important tasks.
Urgent tasks are things that you feel like you need to react to. Emails, phone calls, texts, "the news". Meanwhile, important tasks are things that contribute to our long-term goals.
Said another way, urgent things often distract us from important things. They attempt to pull the veil over our eyes and seem like the things we should be doing right now.
If we can cut the fluff – the wasted minutes – and apply those towards what actually moves us forward… we’re in for a great ride. The opposite is also true. If we get caught up in only the urgent tasks, we can go through a whole day, busy-as-ever, and feel like we got nothing done by its end.
Let’s take note of what we do today with a critical eye. Let’s cut the fluff.

2:00 row at moderate pace
30 Seconds of Box Step Ups (Shortest side of box)
30 Seconds of Slow and Controlled Air Squats
20 Seconds of a Hollow Hold
20 Seconds of a Superman Hold
1:00 Row at Fast pace

Dumbbell Ankle Stretch: 30 Seconds Each Side
Dumbbell Squat Hold: 1 Minute

Specific Prep
[11:00-25:00] ROWING – Focus: Set the "Active Shoulders"
• Keep the shoulders in a neutral position. This means resist the urge to allow them to roll forward in the catch and pull.
• In the catch and the pull, imagine breaking the handle apart or pull shoulders slightly back – this is an "Active Shoulder" positions.

BOX JUMP OVER – Focus: Land Soft – Knees Out
• Attempt to absorb the landing on the box – soft feet + The knees must point in the same direction as the toes.
Movement Practice (Rowing & BJO) – 10:00
1. Rowing 1:00 – 3s Pause in the Catch (aka Set-Up) + 3s Pause at the Pull (Finish) – Coaches assess shoulder position
2. Rowing 45s – Remove the pause, still focus on setting Active Shoulders – Coaches assess shoulders (faster can create errors)
3. Rowing 30s – Faster pace with Active Shoulders
4. 5 sets of: 2 Air Squats + 1 Step Up & Over
5. 5 Box Jump w/ 2s Pause on box – Coaches check knee and toe alignment
6.5 Box Jump Overs with 1/2 turn on top of the box

TOES-TO-BAR – Focus: Straight legs vs. Legs Bent (with a little kick)
Movement Practice
5 Kipping Swings
3×2 Kipping Swings + 1 KIP! (A "Kip" requires a stronger push-down with straight arms)
3 Kip Swing to Knees Up (Only)
3 Kip Swing to Knees Up + Kick to the Bar
3 Toes-to-Bar (straight leg)

Specific Prep
[cont’d] DB FRONT SQUAT – Focus: "Sit Back & Stay Tall" – Imagine sitting back to a chair while showing someone the logo on your shirt as you lower into the squat.
Movement Practice
1. 5 Air Squats (pause for 3s in the bottom) – Coaches look for heels in contact with the ground
2. 5 Single DB Front Squats (pause for 3s in the bottom)
3. 5 Double DB Front Squats (pause for 3s in the bottom)

PUSH PRESS – Focus: Tempo
The big focus area today with the push press is good bar path with INTENTIONAL tempo. We want a slow controlled lower from overhead each rep as well as a solid hold at the top with arms locked out, midline set, and back straight.
Movement Practice
1. 5 Empty Bar Push Press (BUILD = Strict Press) w/ coach calling out tempo: 3s down + 1s pause at bottom, "explode" off shoulders to finish w/ 2s pause at top.

Push Press (@31X2; 3 sets x 6-8 reps; every 3:00)
build each set if tempo is PERFECT
Strict press (@31X2; 3 sets x 6-8 reps; every 3;00)
build each set if tempo is PERFECT

“Quadratic Formula” (Time)
4 Rounds For Time: [15 minute FIRM time cap] 18/12 Calorie Row
15 Box Jump Overs (24"/20")
12 Toes to Bar
9 Dumbbell Front Squats (35’s/25’s)

OPEN (RX+): DB (50’s/35’s)

• Conditioning Category: THRESHOLD/PUSH
• Aiming to finish this workout in 10-15 minute workout.
• Rounds will average between 3:00-4:30
• Scoring – total time to complete the workout.
• Aim to keep the row around 45-60s per round
• 15 Box Jump Overs will take 45-60s per round
• 12 TTB will take 30-45s
• Athletes should be able to complete 12 reps within 1-3 sets
• 9 DB Front Squats will take less than :30
• We are using two DB’s

Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)
3 Sets of 10: Dumbbell Bench Press
3 Sets of 15: Barbell Bent Over Row
3 Sets of 20: Barbell Good Mornings

*Rest as needed between sets

At Home Program
Metcon (Time)
Home Gym
4 Rounds For Time:
18 Ten meter Shuttle Runs
15 Burpees Over Dumbell
12 Toe Raises (Holding Dumbbell)
9 Dumbbell Front Squats

Equipment Free
4 Rounds For Time:
18 Ten meter Shuttle Runs
15 Burpees over an Object
12 Toe Raises (Holding weight/post)
15 Air Squats

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