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CrossFit WOD, April 7, 2021

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[3-10:00] 30s each
Jumping jacks
Knuckle drags
DB Romanian DL
DB Front Squats
Push Ups – wide grip
Push Ups – narrow grip
DB bent over row
DB strict Press
Side Plank Left
Side plank Right
Single DB sit ups
Double DB Floor Press

Specific Prep
[10-20:00] Push Ups – Tight plank body
With the other movements in the workout providing a lot of interference with each other today, efficiency is key with all our movements. With Push Ups, keeping a tight midline, and lower body, makes pushing off the floor much more efficient.
Movement Prep
25s high plank hold
10s "halfway to ground" hold
5s "just off the ground" hold
5 push ups

DB Strict Press – Keep ribcage Down/Tight Midline
Protect your shoulders and back by keeping that midline tight for your presses today (or for HSPU!). Back to being efficient, if we have a nice tight body to "press through" on our strict press, we can more easily move the weight
Movement Prep
20s Double DB OH hold – keeping midline tight/ribcage pulled in to top of hips
5 DB strict press @2020

Bar and/or Ring Dip –
Hands in tight on rings / Body in solid hollow position
Movement Prep
15s hold at top position
5s hold at bottom position
2-3 jump to slow lower reps
2-3 full range/speed practice reps

Bent Over Row – Technique
1. Hold the bar with a clean-width grip, arch your back tightly, unlock your knees, and hinge at your hips to bend forward until your trunk is nearing horizontal.
2. Keeping the bar close to your legs, pull the shoulder blades back and down and pull your elbows up to row the bar into your abdomen.
3. Squeeze your entire back tightly at the top of each rep, arching the length of your spine and pulling the shoulder blades back and down.
4. Lower the bar under control to full elbow extension without losing your arched back position.
Movement Prep
Hinge Hold in starting position 20s (with arms extended)
3-5 Empty bar reps @21X1 to practice tempo

Bent Over Row (@ 21X1; 3 sets x 6-8 reps; rest 20s)
Flutter Kicks (3 sets x 40s for reps; rest 20s)
4 Count
DB bicep curl (@1010; 3 sets x 30s for reps; rest 2:30)
Lighter weight for unbroken sets for entire 30s

Metcon (Time)
5 rounds (15:00 HARD CAP)
7 Double Dumbbell Strict Press (35/25)
9 Bar Dips
12 Push Ups

OPEN (RX+): 7 strict HSPU + 9 strict Ring Dips + 12 Push Ups

• Conditioning Category: GRIND
• Today’s metcon is all about muscle endurance and fighting off muscle fatigue.
• If you see yourself breaking sets up in last couple rounds, let’s start out breaking.
• Flowing through these rounds today won’t feel fast, but let’s keep breaks calculated.
DB Strict Press
• Choose a weight you can get through all 5 rounds in 1 or 2 sets
• This should feel pretty easy in round 1, but will get tougher in later rounds, but if there is one place to push for unbroken its here.
Bodyweight Movements
• Choose variations that allow you to complete the dips and push-ups is 1-3 sets max all the way through all 5 rounds
Metcon (Time)
5 rounds (15:00 HARD CAP)
7 Double Dumbbell Strict Press (25/15)
9 Bench Dips
12 Push Ups (to bench or box as needed)

At Home Program
Metcon (Time)
A. Double Db Bent Over Row@21X1; 6-8 x 3 sets; rest 20s
A2. Flutter Kicks; 3 sets x 1:00 for reps; rest 20s
A3. Dumbbell Biceps Curl @1010; 3 sets x 30s for reps; rest 2:30
5 rounds of
7 DB strict press
9 chair dips
12 push ups

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