CrossFit WOD, August 1, 2020

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Daily Mindset
"I attribute my success to this – I never gave, or took, any excuse." – Florence Nightingale
The terrifying thing about excuses, is that it blinds us to our next move. If we excuse or try to justify a misstep, we at a subconscious level tell ourselves that this is "out of my control". That this was a fluke, or a chance event, and there’s nothing I could do differently next time.
On the flip side, owning what happens is not about beating ourselves up or throwing pity parties. It’s solely so that we can open our vision on where to go next. To see the lesson in front of us.
Excuses are contagious, and horribly damaging. Let’s take the opposite road, as growth begins with responsibility.

Warm-Up / Teach / Movement Prep
GENERAL WARM-UP [0:00 – 10:00] 200 Meter Easy Run
30 Seconds Each:
Active Spidermans
Romanian Deadlifts
Mountain Climbers
Hang Muscle Cleans
Frog Hops Video
Strict Press + Reach
Slow Burpees
Slow Power Clean and Jerks

TEACHING + SPECIFIC WARMUP [10:00 – 17:00] BURPEES – Footwork
With a longer workout today, we’re going to keep these teaching points short and simple. The focus is on solid footwork for each movement. 100 burpees is a lot of reps. The goal here is to find the footwork that allows you to keep moving without stopping. Whether you jump-up or step-up is less important than not stopping. Choose the option that you won’t stop with.
Movement Prep
3 Step-up Burpees
3 Jump-up Burpees

Pull Ups – Feet
Let’s try to keep the feet together in our pulling today. Feet together helps keep tension in the legs and helps with snapping in and out of the arch and hollow positions.
Movement Prep
5 kip Swings
3-5 pull ups

For a smooth transition right from the clean into the jerk, let’s receive the clean with the heels on the ground and the hips back. When we catch on the toes, it’s a lot harder to go right overhead with the weight. Catching with the heels down in the clean allows for better power and less effort in the jerk.
Movement Prep
5 Clean and Jerks

RUN – Footwork
With 2 miles of running today, being efficient is important. Something we’ve talked about in the past is "running quietly". This simple cue can help us absorb our bodyweight better and run faster, as it can prevent heel striking. Try to make as little sound with your feet as possible during these runs.
Movement Prep
Prep During Practice Round

Glen (FITNESS) (Time)
30 Clean & Jerks (115/85)
1 Mile Run
50 Pull ups
1 Mile Run
100 Burpees

• This longer effort is a balanced workout that includes cardio, gymnastics, and weightlifting
• This workout is intended to take about 25-40 minutes to complete
• Rough timeline for each movement:
* 30 Clean and Jerks: 3-5 Minutes
* 1 Mile Run: 7-9 Minutes
* 10 Rope Climbs: 2-3 Minutes
* 1 Mile Run: 7-9 Minutes
* 100 Burpees: 7-12 Minutes
• Choose weights and variations that allow for completion within this time frame

• The clean and jerks should be performed at a moderate weight that you are capable of cycling for 10+ reps unbroken when fresh
• Due to the overall workout volume, this is likely something that will be completed as quick singles to start the workout

• These are standard burpees requiring chest and thighs to the floor in the bottom
• You can jump up or step up of the floor
• Finish with some air under the feet and a small clap overhead

• When considering modifications for the 1 mile runs, keep in mind this station is designed to take between 7-9 minutes to complete

• 2k Row
• 1,600 Meter Ski Erg
• 100/75 Calorie Bike
• 160/115 Calorie Schwinn Bike

• Reduce Reps
• 3 Minutes of Practice
• 50 Pull-ups
• 40 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
• 30 Strict Pull-ups

Glen (Time)
For Time:
30 Clean and Jerks, 135#
1-Mile Run
10 Rope Climbs, 15′
1-Mile Run
100 Burpees
In honor of Former U.S. Navy SEAL Glen Doherty, 42, of Winchester, MA, died in an attack on a U.S. consulate on September 11, 2012
Glen (BUILD) (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
AMRAP 25:00
7 Hang Power Clean & Push Press (95/65)
400m run
15 Ring Rows
200m Run
20 burpees
rest 1:00 after each round

Build version is an AMRAP today versus a timed workout.
Let’s pace accordingly, and shoot for consistent rounds
There is a build in 1:00 rest after each round to help preserve intensity.

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