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CrossFit WOD, December 13, 2019

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2 rounds of
Lateral Banded walks 10 steps/leg
5 glute bridge w/ 3s pause
Quadruped Hip CARs x 4/leg
5 slow air squats @5211
Barbell Prep
3 rounds of
5 good mornings
3 back squats
1 pause squat for 5s

Teach/Movement Prep
SA DB bench press
– points of performance
– Movement prep: 2-3 reps/side w/ lighter DB

Hammer Curls
– Points of performance and tempo
– Movement Prep: 2-3 reps per arm w/ lighter DB

Back Squat
– Focus today is staying “Active” in bottom of each squat. This is super important for pausing squats, but also for full speed squats.
– Movement Prep: 3-4 empty bar back squats at workout tempo

Back Squat (@3131; 4 reps x 4 sets; rest 2:00)
all working sets at moderate/tough weight, BUT tempo is priority
Back Squat (@4141; 4,4,4,4; Build each set; rest 2:00)
Build from previous week; finish with something moderate/tough, BUT tempo is priority.
Back Squat (@3031; 8 reps x 4 sets; rest 1:30)
We are slowing you down this week, with 3s lower and 3s rise. All sets at same weight build from last week’s weight (moderate)

Metcon (Time)
3 rounds for Quality
8-10/arm Single Arm DB bench press @30X0
8-10/arm Plank w/ band Pull @20X0
8-10/arm DB biceps curls @20X0
row or ski 400m at 75-80%

You can go up in weight each round if you like, however, make sure tempo is perfect.

Barbell / Extra Strength
Half Kneeling Single Arm DB Arnold Press (@31X1; 7-9/arm x 3; rest 30s )
Banded Plank (45-60sec x 3 sets; rest 30s)
1 second = 1 rep
Single Arm DB Row (@11X2; 6-9/arm x 3 sets; rest 90s)
HSPU negatives (4,4,4,4; rest 90s)
Goal is 6s lower, but if that isn’t possible, aim for 1s slower than last week
Single Leg Wall Sit (20-30s/leg x 3 sets; rest 60s)
1 second = 1 rep

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