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CrossFit WOD, December 17, 2019

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Daily Mindset
How to be happy Step #2
Focus on what you CAN control.
"Where then do I look for uncontrollable externals, but within myself to the choices that are my own." –Epictetus

1:00 each:
jumping jacks
reverse lunges
push up to down dog

3-way banded shoulder mobility (1:30/side)

Teach/Movement Prep
Plank hold
Performance focus: wide fingers and pressing through the floor
Move prep: hold for 15-20s

Bent hollow hold
Move prep: practice for 15-20s

Hang Power Snatch
Performance focus: receiving position
Move prep:
3 hang snatch high pull
3 hang muscle snatch
3 snatch drop with 5s pause at receiving position
3 hang power snatch w/ 5s pause at receiving position

Metcon (Time)
AB 5mins @ 50% Effort (Easy)
8 rounds @ 75-80%
9 Hang Power snatch (75/55) (in sets of 3 unbroken reps- reset back to ground after each set of 3)
40s plank hold
AB 15 cals
20s Bent Hollow Hold
Rest/walk 30s-60s
AB 5mins @65-70% Effort (Moderate)

OPEN: HPS (95/65) / 40s ring plank / bike / L sit (dip bar or parallettes) / 30-60s rest

** Changing up our approach on the bike before and at the end of this one. Start out with an easier pace for first 5:00, then push it a bit more on the back end.
** For the 8 rounds in the middle, still looking to refine our ability to paced this at a tough, but repeatable pace. Work with intent, but stay below that redline/threshold .

Extra Aerobic Capacity
Metcon (5 Rounds for reps)
5 sets
Run/Row/Bike* 600m @ 85% Aerobic Pace
rest walk 2 mins

• Again, choose same modality as last week.
• The aim this week is to match the same split times as last week. Volume decreases a touch, as the distances are longer. Utilize the breaks to keep quality high.
• Bike Distance = 1500m (2.5 x 600m)

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