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CrossFit WOD, December 30, 2019

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Daily Mindset
"Don’t seek for everything to happen as you wish it would, but rather wish that everything happens as it actually will—then your life will flow well." — Epictetus

In the Buddhist tradition, it is said that one of the sources of all suffering is desire: the desire to change things we cannot change, have things we cannot have, and do things we cannot do. The problem with desire is that it clouds our ability to accurately judge ourselves and the world around us. When we want something so deeply, we become more focused on what we want to happen rather than what will likely happen. In doing so, we almost invite unhappiness into our lives.

AMRAP 5:00
Bike 30s
5 goblet squats
5 russian KBS
5 push ups
3 thoracic bridge/side
barbell warm up
5 good mornings
5 back squat
5 elbow rotations
5 press
5 front squat

Front Squat (@20X0; 3,3,3,2,2,2,1,1,1; rest 1:30-2:00)
Build each set
Front Squat (@20X0; 3.3.3, 2.2.2, 1.1.1; rest 10s/rest 2:30)
Today Open is performing cluster sets, so set #1 =
3 reps + rest 10s + 3 reps + rest 10s + 3 reps + rest 2:30.
2nd set is same format with 2 reps and 3rd and final set is same format with singles.
Front Squat (@20X1; 8,8,6,6,4,4; rest 1:30)
Build each set

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
AMRAP 10:00 @ 90-95%
20 jump switch lunges (10/leg)
5 toes to bar (kipping ok today)
10 reverse lunges (5/leg)
5 kipping pull ups

BUILD: 20 lunges (no jump) / 5 anchored toes to bar / 15 air squats / 5 ring rows or banded strict pull up
OPEN (RX+): 20 jump switch lunges / 5 T2B / 10 single DB front rack reverse lunge (50/35) / 5 CTB pull ups

Shorter time and faster rounds today, but let’s still aim to make each round consistent. SO pick a pace you imagine you can hold 5 minutes into the workout today, and start there.

Barbell / Extra Strength
A) Barbell hip thrust; @10X1; 10-15 x 3 sets; moderate load; rest as needed

B1) Single Leg DB Romanian Deadlift: 20X0; 8-10 reps/side; rest 60sec x 3; Increase load from last week

B2) Banded Hamstring Curls: 2020; 12-15 reps; rest 60sec x 3

C1) Kettlebell Rack RNT Reverse Lunge: 10X0; 8-10/leg x 1 set; 6-8/leg x 2 sets; rest 30sec; Increase loads from last week

D2) Ring Body Saw: 10-12reps; rest 30sec x 3

D3) Contralateral Single Arm Ring Row Hold: 30sec/arm; rest 90sec x 3

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