CrossFit WOD, January 12, 2021

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Daily Mindset
"What you resist, persists".
What would you think about if I told you to not think of a pink giraffe?
The same effect takes place if I tell you "don’t slow down" as you start your final 400 meter run in a workout. Our minds don’t operate well when we focus on what not to do. We need to flip the script, and focus on what to do.
Turn "don’t slow down" into "I can hold this pace".
Turn "don’t mess this up" into "focus on a clean jumpshot".
If our thoughts become words, and those words become actions, we’re going to get what we focus on. So let’s choose wisely.

5:00-12:00] 2 Rounds
1 Minute Bike
30 Seconds Single Leg Glute Bridges (Each Leg)
30 Seconds Squat to Stands

Barbell Warmup
5 Good Mornings
5 Back Squats
5 Elbow Rotations
5 Strict Press & Reach
5 Romanian Deadlifts
5 Front Squats

MOBILITY [12:00-18:00] Forearms Stretch: 30 Seconds
Front Rack Stretch: 45 Seconds
Pigeon Pose on Box: 1 Minute (Each Side)
Calf Stretch on Post: 30 Seconds (Each Side)

Teach / Specific Prep
[18:00 – 25:00] BOX JUMPS OVERS – Hip Extension
• The big theme on the final two movements of each round is aggressive hip extension — We can think "get tall before you get small"
• The high box jump over is a great place to prime the body for this under no external load
• We’re also going to need a big extension to successfully navigate the higher box
• Look to open the hips all the way before bringing the knees up to the chest
• We’ll practice some high jumps in place before moving to the box
Movement Prep
20 Seconds Bunny Hops in Place
10 High Jump in Place (Soft Landing)
5 Tuck Jumps in Place (Knees to Chest)
3 Box Jumps Overs (Lower Height)
3 Box Jump Overs (Workout Height)

POWER CLEANS – Hip Extension
• We’ll practice some muscle cleans from three positions before getting to regular cleans
• This trains athletes to open the hips hard and shoot the elbows fast
Movement Prep
5 High Hang Muscle Cleans (Pockets)
5 Hang Muscle Cleans
5 Muscle Cleans
5 Hang Power Cleans
5 Power Cleans
Build to Workout Weight

[25:00-35:00] 1 Round With Lighter Weight:
7 Calorie Bike
5 Power Cleans
3 Box Jump Overs

1 Round With Workout Weight:
7 Calorie Bike
5 Power Cleans
3 Box Jump Overs

Jumper Cables (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
200m Run
12 Power Cleans (115/85)
9 Box Jump Overs (24"/20")

OPEN (RX+): Run + PC (135/95) + Box Jump Overs (30/24)

• This medium-long AMRAP workout includes three challenging, yet manageable stations
• The repetitive "jumping" action on the cleans and box overs will be made more difficult by the leg fatigue from the bike
• The loading and shorter rep number on each station will allow for steady forward progress
• The estimated scoring range over the 18 minutes is between 4.5-6.5 rounds

• Choose a weight that you could complete for 12+ reps unbroken when fresh
• Within the workout, we’re looking for small sets or quick singles
• This should be a weight where a steady single is always there

• Look to choose a slightly higher box than usual
• Jump up to the box for "RX"
• There is no need to stand to full extension on top of the box

Jumper Cables (BUILD) (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
200m Run
12 Hang Power Cleans (95/65)
9 Box Step Overs (24"/20")

At Home Program
Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
15 Shuttle Runs (10 Meters)
12 Double Dumbbell Power Cleans (50’s/35’s)
9 Double Dumbbell Push Press (50’s/35’s)

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