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CrossFit WOD, June 13, 2020

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Daily Mindset
"Problems are simply opportunities in work clothes"
In Chinese, "crisis" is written with two symbols. In the English language, these translate to "Danger", and "Opportunity". These two words summarize our emotional connection to adversity very well.
Problems feel "dangerous", because we’d rather be comfortable, cozy, and safe. It’s a human condition… we don’t like change. But problems are also full of "opportunity", as the uncomfortable hot mess of adversity is the greatest catalyst to our growth.
Our greatest opportunities in life will also be our most trying. And if we can reframe those "problems" to being the enablers of growth, we can go wherever we want to go. We just need to suit up and get to work.

Warm-Up / Teach / Movement Prep
WARM UP (0-10:00)
Line Drills
High Knee Karaoke
Over the Hurdle
Knee to Chest
Cradle Stretch
Walking Samson
Lunge & Twist (Over Front Leg)
Toe Touches
High Knees
Butt Kickers
Straight Leg Hops
Side Shuffles
Side Shuffle with Jumping Jacks
Toes Out Walk
Toes In Walk
Heel Walk
Toe Walk
Warmup Set
200 Meter Run
15/12 Calorie Row
10/8 Calorie Assault Bike

Triple Threat (3 Rounds for reps)
On the 0: 1 Mile Run
On the 10: 100/70 Calorie Row
On the 20: 100/70 Calorie Assault Bike

30 Minute Time Cap

• Working through interval work with three different mono-structural movements
• After completing the 1 mile run, you will rest with whatever time remains until the 10 minute mark before completing the row
• Follow the same format for the row into the assault bike
• We definitely want some rest built it so we can maintain intensity for the next movement
• To do so, let’s either reduce the distance/calories or set a time cap of 9 minutes for each movement
• There is a 30 minute total time cap for the workout, which means you’ll have 10 minutes to complete the final station
• Enter all three of your times separately and Wodify will add the total together for your final score

At Home Program
Metcon (Time)
For Quality
Alternating Single Arm Curl to Strict Press

**Run 200m between each set at recovery pace

• Todays strength will target the biceps and the shoulders with a combo movement
• Holding one dumbbell in each hand, you’ll alternate arms every rep
• For Example: On the set of 20, complete 10 reps on each side
• Choose a weight that is challenging, but one that will allow you to complete these sets unbroken
• You can adjust the reps up or down based on the dumbbell weights you have available

"Minute Clinic"
5 Sets:
1 Minute Hollow Hold
1 Minute Wall Sit
1 Minute Side Plank (30 Seconds Each)
1 Minute Rest

• We’ll finish out the week with a workout focused on isometric holds
• You’ll work for 3 minutes and then rest for 1 in this 5 round workout
• These 1 minute stations will target the muscles of the core and lower body
• Since we are alternating muscle groups every minute, the goal is to hold for as much of the 3 minutes as you can
• After a long week of tough workouts, pieces like this can help you move and sweat in a way that supports your recovery for next week’s training
• There is no score for this piece – it is simply for completion

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