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CrossFit WOD, June 18, 2022

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3:00-10:00] AMRAP 10:00
Row 45s
10 PVC pass Throughs
10-10-10 Lateral Raises/Front Raises/Cuban Rotations (with light plates or DBs)

Specific Prep
[10-22:00] With empty bar:
5 Good Mornings
5 back squats
5 shoulder rotations
5 snatch balance
5 snatch grip RDL
5 front squats
with LIGHT weights (or empty bar still for some)
3-5 Hang Muscle Snatch
3-5 snatch balance
2-3 Squat Snatch -or- Power Snatch + OHS

3-5 hang muscle Clean
3-5 Push Jerk -or- split jerk w/ 2s pause at receiving position
2-3 Squat Clean & Jerk

When the Levee Breaks (Weight)
EMOM 28:00
1: 1-2 Power Snatch
2: 12-15 Calorie Row
3: 2-3 Squat Clean & Jerk
4: 50-100 single unders

FIT: use 75-85% of your Snatch 1RM

OPEN(RX+): Squat Snatch and Squat Clean & Split Jerk (80-85% of Snatch 1RM) and 50-75 double unders

CC: Grind
Let’s choose moderately heavy weight for the barbell today and get some focused reps each round. The weight should be somewhere in the 70-85% of your 1RM range.
The ranges on reps allows for some room to keep this workout more metabolic or less depending on how you are feeling and your abilities on C&J and Snatch.
When the Levee Breaks (BUILD) (Weight)
EMOM 28:00
1: 1-2 Hang Power Snatch (build by feel)
2: 15-12 Row calories
3: 2-3 Squat Clean & Jerk (build by feel)
4: 50-100 single unders

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