CrossFit WOD, June 19, 2020

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Daily Mindset
"Belief is irresistible." – Phil Knight
Inspiration can move us for a couple moments. Motivation, might have hours. A day at most. They both run out. Belief however, will never. Belief is unending.
When we believe to the core of our being in something, failure is not an option. It’s just not a possibility in our world. We can get kicked down, beat up, thrown into the mud over and over… but it won’t matter. Because we’ll get back up, every time smarter. Belief knows nothing but to try once more.
Yet one of the greatest tragedies in life is that we don’t believe.
We don’t believe we have control over our lives.
We don’t believe we have the capabilities, or if we ever will.
We don’t believe we’re the right person.
Yet one thing we can believe – that it is us, and only us, that can create the life we want. And if we can take that to heart, then there is nothing else to do, but to try once more.

Warm-Up / Teach / Movement Prep
WARMUP (0-10:00)
7 Minutes For Quality
Performed with Empty Barbell
100 Meter Run
10 Barbell Bent Over Rows Video
10 Barbell Strict Press
10 Barbell Romanian Deadlifts Video

Teach/Prep (10-20:00)
Strict Pull ups – keep body tight through entire range of motion
10-15s Active hang
10-15s scap pull ups
5-10s chin over bar hold
1-3 strict pull ups

Push press – Drive through the heels and punch the sky
Remember, with a push press there is no "re-dip" so each rep needs to finish with upper body. This all start with a strong launch off the shoulder with your "dip-drive"
3 dip holds (5s)
3 Dip-Drive-Pop bar off shoulders
3 push press

Deadlift – Keep that bar tight to the body and those hips and shoulders together.
Remember just because the DL weight is very light, focus on mechanics to protect that back.
3 DL @3030 to dial in bar path
5 DL at workout speed

Cinnamon Swirl (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
200 Meter Run
5 Strict Pull-ups
10 Push Presses (95/65)
15 Deadlifts (95/65)

• Today’s workout is longer, light, and balanced
• Over the 20 minutes we’ll work through some cardio, strict gymnastics, and, light weightlifting
• We can expect to complete around 7-10 rounds when all is said and done
• Choose a rep number or variation that allows you to complete this station in 1-2 sets each round
• The barbell is intended to be light for the push presses and very light for the deadlifts
• Remember that there is no re-bend of the knees in the push press after driving the weight off the shoulders

• This workout is similar to Wednesday’s ("CEO") in the sense that the movement patterns do not really interfere with each other
• Because of this structure, we encourage you to push through large and possibly unbroken sets at each movement
• The big thing to consider in this longer workout is what pace is sustainable
• It can be helpful to open up the round at a pace that you think you can sustain for 20 minutes
• It’s not too fast or slow – ideally somewhere right in the middle
• After finishing the deadlifts, take a look at the clock and note the time

Cinnamon Swirl (BUILD) (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
200 Meter Run
5 Banded Strict pull ups or Ring Rows
10 Push Presses (75/55)
15 Deadlifts (75/55)

At Home Program
Metcon (Time)
"Opposite Day"
Alternating DB Snatches

Directly Into…

Alternating DB Hang Clean &Jerks

• We’ll work through back-to-back couplet workouts that combine a dumbbell movement with a "floor" movement
• You’ll start off by completing all the reps of power snatches and push-ups in part 1 before advancing to part 2
• There is no rest between part 1 and 2 – you’ll move directly from one to the next
• Your score is the total time it takes to complete the 240 reps
• The intended time range for this workout is between 14-24 minutes


Power Snatches (95/65)
Directly Into…
Clean and Jerks (95/65)

• Over both of these couplets, the burpees are the only movement you won’t have to break up
• Every other movement will likely require a thoughtful break up strategy to stay consistent across the 240 total reps
• Take that total number of reps into consideration when planning your attack
• Look to chip away at each movement, choosing a plan that allows you to keep your rest between sets to 5-10 seconds

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
OPTION 1: Upper accessory Strength
1 Curl + 1 Strict Press
1 Curl + 2 Strict Presses
1 Curl + 3 Strict Presses
…Continue to Add (1) Strict Press Each Round
• Complete All Reps on Left Arm, Then Right For Each Round

Accumulate Totals:
4 Minute Dumbbell Front Rack Hold
3 Minute Hollow Hold
2 Minute Dead Hang from Pull-up Bar
Partition Movements As Needed

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