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CrossFit WOD, June 3, 2020

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Daily Mindset
"It takes as much energy to wish, as it does to plan." – Eleanor Roosevelt
We are problem-solving-machines. Once we get started, it’s like we kick into gear. Sometimes, it even surprises us how naturally and seamlessly we work through the issue. Turns out we just need to transition that energy from the "wishing" phase, and into the "action" phase.
Ever have a hard time starting to clean the house? The "trick" everyone knows, is to just start. We could stress over it all morning, where we can actually feel the energy being sapped from us, despite the lack of anything being done. Or, we can take that energy and just start.. And as we do, we snap into motion and things start flowing.
Wishing, hoping, wanting… they do nothing. Planning, action, and the demanding of ourselves to create the "how" makes change.
Let’s reinforce it in our minds – we weren’t made to "wish". We were made to act.

Warm-Up / Teach / Movement Prep
Warm up (0-7:00)
Running Line Drills:
High Knee Karaoke
Over the Hurdle
Knee to Chest
Cradle Stretch
Walking Samson
Lunge & Twist (Over Front Leg)
Toe Touches
High Knees
Butt Kickers
Straight Leg Hops
Side Shuffles
Side Shuffle with Jumping Jacks
Toes Out Walk
Toes In Walk
Heel Walk
Toe Walk

Metcon (5 Rounds for reps)
Every 3:00 x 5 Rounds
400m run
rest with time remaining

Choose a distance and pace that is repeatable for all 5 sets and still allows you at least 1:00 rest between
Metcon (Weight)
5 sets; every 1:30
1 Power Clean
1 Front Squat @12X0 (2s pause in bottom)
1 Front Squat @10X0 (no pause)

Build small each set from 50% of your FS 1RM

At Home Program
Metcon (4 Rounds for reps)
4 Rounds:
30 Seconds Max Double Dumbbell Rows
30 Seconds Rest
30 Seconds Max Double Dumbbell Romanian Deadlifts
30 Seconds Rest

• We’re pulling with the upper body and the lower body in todays Body Armor piece
• Within these 30 seconds windows, you’ll complete as many quality reps of each movement as you can
• Since we alternate between upper body and lower body and because there is 30 seconds of rest after each movement, look to challenge yourself with weight while holding on for the full duration
• If you only have one dumbbell available, complete 30 seconds on each arm and leg before resting for 30 seconds
CEO (5 Rounds for reps)
5 Rounds:
3 Double Dumbbell Power Snatches
6 Push-ups
9 Air Squats

Rest 1 Minute Between Rounds

• "CEO" is a twist on the benchmark workout "The Chief"
• You’ll move quickly for 3 minutes and rest for 1 in this interval piece
• The way the workout is written allows for a high intensity to be maintained:
• There is built in rest
• The reps are small
• The movements patterns do not interfere with each other
• Use weights and variations that allow you to complete at least 3 rounds within each AMRAP (1 Round Every Minute)
• Record total rounds and reps for all 5 intervals, as your score is the sum total of these numbers

• Both heads of the dumbbells touch the floor between the legs at the bottom of each rep
• Jump the dumbbells overhead in one smooth motion to a locked out position
• Use a moderate load that will be completed unbroken each round

• The chest touches the floor in the bottom and elbows reach full extension at the top of each rep
• Choose a rep number or variation that you can complete unbroken each round
• See below for "modifications"

• The constant rotation of muscle groups being used, combined with the built in rest, allows us to push the pace in this workout
• We move from a total body pull, to an upper body push, to a lower body push
• See if you can complete each movement unbroken within these short windows
• The two things you can adjust as needed are your transition time and air squat speed
• If you are confident in sustaining unbroken sets at each movement, quickly transition from one movement to the next and speed up your air squats to cut down on dead time
• If you want to control your pace a little more while still moving forward, slow down your air squat and transition speeds

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