CrossFit WOD, March 24, 2020

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Daily Mindset
"Discipline is choosing between what you want now, and what you want most." — Abraham Lincoln

The desire to seek immediate gratification can be our mortal enemy. It drives us towards the comfortable choice. The safer option, or the compromise.

What we lack in those weak moments is discipline. Discipline is the willingness to stick to goals we set out to do. Emotions and conditions can tempt to sway us, where our discipline can see the temptations for what they are, and make the right decision.

This skill, as it truly is one that we can practice, has been linked many times over to being a critical component of success.

What our emotions drive us towards today, may very well be directly against what we want in the long run. So we must question them. Stacked side by side, here we need to choose. Which one do we want more? There can only be one.

Warm-Up / Teach / Movement Prep
Warm Up
Line drills in place:
20s of each
butt kickers
high knees
knuckle drags
cradle stretch
jump squats
arms swings forward
arm swings backward
mountain climbers
jumping jacks
flutter kicks
"plate hops" (just jump to an imaginary plate in front of you)

Calf smash on KB/DB or lax ball/foam roller 1:00 each side
(ankle dorsiflexion if no object)
Cat/cow flow 1:00
Thread the needle (1:00 per side)

Double unders/Single unders – "relax the shoulders"
Movement prep
20s double taps
20s singles slow
20s singles fast
20s singles high
20s doubles or practice

Step back lunge – "no tight rope"
Movement prep
3-5 lunges per side

Burpees "fast lower"
Movement prep
3 non push ups burpees
3 "strict" burpees
3 fast burpees

Walk the Line (Time)
5 Rounds:
60 Double-Unders
40 Step-Back Lunges (20 per leg)
20 Burpees

• Let’s shoot for consistent rounds over the 5. Find a pace you see yourself being able to hold for your last round and start there.
• Pacer movements are the burpees and lunges, so find one that is sustainable for you
• If DU trip you up some consider breaking them into sets to stay consistent with them

• Subs for Double unders: 120 single unders, 60s DU practice, or lateral line hops.
• Lateral line hop: With a line created by virtually anything (tape, chalk, or any marker) a lateral hop over the spot to count as a single rep per hop.

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