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CrossFit WOD, May 1, 2021

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Daily Mindset
Science has measured humans to have 20,000 genes.
Some onions have 40,000.
The idea of better or worse "gene pools" is a myth. True for our skin and hair color at birth, but not at all towards our potential in life.
Another "gene" controls that. It’s called "Epigenetics". A fancy word that says, we are the ultimate adaptation machine. We respond to our environment, and most specifically, to stress.
The great thing about Epigenetics is that we’re all born with it.
We just need to get after it.

[3:00-20:00] ROW – Focus: Push hard with the legs, loosen the grip on the return.
• As the next movement will be a BMU (or some pull variation), maximizing the ‘leg push’ in the drive, and loosening the grip on the return will preserve the grip longer than death-gripping the handle.
• Loosening the grip can be as simple as opening the hand and "flashing" the fingers. It will give the forearms a little relief.

Movement Prep – Coach Led (4:00)
Partner 1 Practices first progression, then Partner 2 practices first progression (if sharing equipment).
• 10 Leg Drives (arms stay straight, push with the legs)
– Coaches: look for heel driven movement
• 10 Squat to Stand
• 10 Arms Only (legs stay straight-ish, arms extend and pull)
– Coaches: look for athletes relaxing the grip during the recovery phase.
• 10 Ring Rows (with a 1s pause at the top)
• 10 Full Strokes
– Coaches: focus on a strong heel driven ‘drive’ phase & a loosening of the grip during the recovery
– Time will be short, have each athlete Row 250/200m twice and cue "strong leg drive and relax the grip".

Specific Prep
[cont’d] BAR MUSCLE-UPS – Focus: Keeping the legs together throughout the movement.
• When the legs separate, it can create a ‘chicken wing’ affect with the arms. The ‘chicken wing’ effect is when one arm comes up and over the bar quicker than the other. It is not a healthy position for the shoulder and should not be encouraged. There are several reasons for the ‘chicken wing’, this
• Try cueing your athletes to squeeze their feet together, or have them imagine they are holding a sheet of paper between them. The closer the feet, the tighter the body position.

Movement Prep – (4:00)
We will not have enough time to execute a thorough BMU progression today. Instead, we will use this time to identify strength and prescribe scales.
• 3 Strict Pull-Ups
– Coaches: Assess for strength and chin clearly passing over the bar
• 3 Strict Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
– Coaches: Assess for strength and chest clearly connecting to the bar
• 3 Big Kip Swings
– Coaches: Can our athletes press down hard and gain enough upwards elevation to perform a BMU? If the answer is no, we can opt for a C2B Pull-Up or Regular Pull-Up
• 1:00 Practice – Athletes have time to practice the variation that will be used in the workout.

MACHO MAN (4:00) – Focus: For all three lifts – Assess for Neutral Spine. Pause athletes in HOT SPOT positions (aka set-ups/receiving positions/finished positions) and correct loss of neutral spine
• 3 Power Cleans (PC)
• 3 Front Squats (FS)
• 3 Push Jerks (PJ)
• 1 Round of "Macho Man" Unbroken = 3 PC + 3 FS + 3 PJ

[15:00-20:00] "MACHO MAN"
2 Sets of "Macho Man" one set every 2:30 on the clock
• Increase the load for each set
• The second set should be appropriate for the workout
• If time, you can add 3rd set to go a bit over the weight for workout today.
PRACTICE ROUND & BATHROOM BREAK [20:00-25:00] 1 Round (With Workout Weight)
• Partner 1: Row 100m
• Partner 2 Row 100m
• Partner 1: 2 BMU / burpee pull up / burpee to target
• Partner 2: 2 BMU / burpee pull up / burpee to target
• Partner 1: 1 Round of "Macho Man"
• Partner 2: 1 Round of "Macho Man"

Two Thousand Words (Time)
Partner Workout For Time:
2,000/1,600 Meter Row
40 Bar Muscle-ups
16 Rounds of "Macho Man" (135/95)

"Macho Man" = 3 Power Cleans + 3 Front Squats + 3 Push Jerks

OPEN (RX+): barbell (155/105)

• 25:00-30:00 workout.
• Scoring – total time to complete the workout with your partner.
2000m ROW
• 7:00-9:00 of Rowing
• Break the meters however you like, but meters must be shared equally
• Sub in 1 burpee CTB or regular pull for each BMU rep for those that cannot do BMU
• To do all the reps, athletes should be able to do 3-5 consistently.
• Looking to complete all 40 reps in under 5:00
• 1 Round = 3 Power Cleans + 3 Front Squats + 3 Push Jerks
• 1 Round = ~1:00
• Loading should allow for unbroken movement across all 9 reps. Think fast and unbroken vs. slower and broken.
• For the 16 Rounds – Partner 1: will do a full round of "Macho Man", and then Partner 2 will do a full round of "Macho Man". We will go back and forth "you go, I go" until all 16 rounds are completed or until the 30:00 clock saves you!
Two Thousand Words (BUILD) (Time)
Partner Workout For Time:
1750m/1500 Meter Row
40 burpees to 6" target
16 Rounds of "Macho Man" (95/65)

"Macho Man" = 3 Hang Power Cleans + 3 Front Squats + 3 Push Jerks)

MURPH Prep #8 (4 Rounds for reps)
Running repeats (4)
4 x 800m run
Rest 3:00 after each
Pigeon pose 2:00 per leg
Couch stretch 1:30 per leg
Down Dog Hold 1:00

At Home Program
Metcon (Time)
For Time:
800 Meter Run
30 Burpees to a Target
10 Rounds of Dumbbell "Macho Man"

Dumbbell "Macho Man": 3 Double Dumbbell Power Cleans + 3 Double Dumbbell Front Squats + 3 Double Dumbbell Push Jerks

Equipment Free
For Time:
800 Meter Run
30 Reverse Burpees
10 Rounds of:
4 Push Ups
4 Air Squats
4 Sit Ups

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