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CrossFit WOD, May 11, 2020

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Daily Mindset
"The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe." – Albert Einstein
We don’t get what we want.
We get what we expect.
The world will treat us the way we expect to be treated. If we believe it’s "dog eat dog", and "every man for himself", then we are doomed to believe so. The lens we’ll see through will be of defensiveness, comparison, and general hostility… even when it’s not even there to begin with.
But the opposite can also be true.
Our expectations become our realities.
It’s not good enough to want it. We have to believe it.

Warm-Up / Teach / Movement Prep
UP (0-5:00)
2 rounds, increase pace/flow each round
Row 45s
1 round of
3 push up to down dog
4 thoracic bridge (2/side)
5 Russian baby makers

Bodyweight movements
Today, lets build off of our at home programming cycle, and really focus on moving well, and hitting all points of performance on these bodyweight exercises!
PULL UPS: Set up just outside shoulders
Points of performance: chin over bar, arms fully locked out at bottom, nice hollow body throughout.
PUSH UPS: Set-up with the hands directly underneath the shoulders
Points of performance: Chest to floor and arms locked out in plank position at top
SIT UPS: swing the hands
Points of performance: back touches floor each rep, and shoulders come all the way over your hips at top.
AIR SQUATS: Hands up in front to help keep chest up
Points of performance: hip crease below top of knee; stand all the way up at top (open hips and knees
ROWING: Hands all the way to edge of handles on both sides.

• Reduce Reps, Banded Pull-ups, Jumping Pull-ups, Ring Rows, 10 Strict Pull-ups
• Reduce Reps, Elevate Hands to Box or Bench, Knee Push-ups

Barbarian (3 Rounds for reps)
On the 10:00 x 3 Rounds:
10-20 Pull-ups
20-30 Push-ups
30-40 AbMat Sit-ups
40-50 Air Squats
600/500 Meter Row

BUILD: Choose modifications and number of reps to keep your work for each round in the 8-9 minute range max.

• There is a range of reps here today. Choose reps based on total over 3 rounds and find a moderate number for YOU.
• A new round starts every 10 minutes in this longer bodyweight cardio piece (0:00 – 10:00 – 20:00)
• You’ll complete the 5 listed movements for time and rest whatever time remains until the next round begins. For Example: If a round takes you 8 minutes to complete, you’ll have 2 minutes to rest
• With rest built in, let’s try to push the pace through these movements
• Record all three times
• Let’s cap these rounds at 9 minutes to ensure we have at least 1 minute of rest

At Home Program
Metcon (Time)
"DB Push + Pull"
For time
21 DB rows Right
21 DB rows Left
15 Single Arm Dumbbell Thruster Right
15 Single Arm Dumbbell Thruster Left
18 DB rows Right
18 DB rows Left
12 Single Arm Dumbbell Thruster Right
12 Single Arm Dumbbell Thruster Left
15 DB rows Right
15 DB rows Left
9 Single Arm Dumbbell Thruster Right
9 Single Arm Dumbbell Thruster Left

• Since the workout alternates between a total body press and an upper body pull, we’ll be able to keep the intensity relatively high
• We expect this piece to take around 8-12 minutes to complete
• In a perfect world, we’re using weights that allow you to complete each round of thrusters within 2-3 sets
• Understanding that everyone has different weights available at home, you can increase or decrease reps based on your loading
• Heavier Weight Option: 12-9-6 on each arm
• Lighter Weight Option: 30-20-10 or 21-15-9 on each arm
• See "modifications" section for more options
• These can be a bit on heavy side and broken up into 203 sets each rounds as well.
• Lots of options belwo for upper body pulling to mix this workout up, see modifications section for ideas/

• Single Dumbbell Goblet Thruster Video
• Odd Object Thruster Video
• Single Dumbbell Thruster (Split Reps Between Arms) Video
• Medicine Ball Squat Clean Thruster Video
• Barbell Thruster
• 3x Squat Jumps
DB Rows
• Strict pull ups (21-15-9 total)
• Barbell Bent Over Rows (21-18-15 total)
• Dumbbell Rows From Push-up Position Video
• Inverted Row Video
• Ring Rows
• Banded Strict Pull-ups
• Reduce Reps

Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)
(after workout today and optional based on how your legs feel!)

3 Rounds for quality:
:30 Static Weighted Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat (Left)
:30 Max Unweighted Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats (Left)
:30 Static Weighted Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat (Right)
:30 Max Unweighted Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats (Right)

Rest 1 Minute Between Rounds

• Alternating between a static hold with weight into regular reps with no weight
• This hold will be in the active bottom position of the Bulgarian Split Squat
• Choose a weight for the static hold that allows you to hold for the whole 30 seconds
• Drop the weight at the 30 second mark and immediately transition into the unweighted reps
• You’ll stay on one leg for 1 minute before switching to the other

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