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CrossFit WOD, May 18, 2020

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Daily Mindset
"One of the most difficult things to give away is kindness. It usually comes back to you." – Anonymous
Science has shown us that showing kindness to another elicits one of the most powerful hormonally driven emotions we can feel. But what is even more interesting, is that kindness is contagious.
Think back to the last time you saw someone else doing something generous. Maybe it was as simple of a gesture as someone holding the door open for an elderly citizen entering a store. Or when another randomly buys the next person in line behind them their coffee at the drive-through Starbucks. Think back to those moments… how did you feel, witnessing that? Did it make you feel, more generous?
If kindness is contagious, we just need to start the chain.

Warm-Up / Teach / Movement Prep
WARM UP (0-8:00)
AMRAP 5:00
30s bike
5 air squats w/ 1s pause in bottom
3 Thoracic bridge per side
1 walk out
Pigeon pose 1:00 per leg

TEACH/PREP (8-18:00)
Cleans and jerks
3 clean high pulls
3 power cleans w/ 2s pause at catch, then front squat
3 squat cleans
3 push press
3 push jerks
3 split jerks

Squats: Initiate downward movement with hips
Empty bar slow squats @31X1
5 front squats
5 back squats
Build to starting weight for squats at rack

1 Front Squat + 3 Back Squats (EMOM 10:00 1 FS + 3 BS)
Use 63% of your estimated current 1RM front squat

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
EMOM 12:00
10 Push Ups + 5 Pull Ups

We are looking for work to take no more than 30s of each minute, so let’s modify the volume or variation so that we can complete good reps for all 12 minutes, but still have that 30s break for each round.
Metcon (Weight)
EMOM 12:00
1: 5 Squat Cleans (135/95)
2: 5 Jerks (135/95)

BUILD: 5-7 Power Cleans and 5-7 Push press (95-115/65-85)
OPEN (RX+): 155/105

• Weight should be on moderate side today. We can go a bit heavier today than the previous 2 weeks if the barbell is starting to feel "good again"
• Priority is good movement over how fast you get each set done today, so let’s slow down a bit and hit 5 really snappy/clean reps every round.

• Spray pull bar, mat, barbell, plates, and bike seat/handles and let soak,
• DO NOT SPRAY MONITOR, use towel to clean
• After everything has soaked, towel dry pull up bar, and bikeparts.

At Home Program
Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
Single Arm Dumbbell Strict Presses
On the Minute (Starting at 0:00): 6 Hand Release Push-ups

• Today’s strength is focused on upper body pressing
• Every minute on the minute (starting at 0:00), you’ll complete 6 hand release push-ups
• With whatever time remains until the top of the next minute, you’ll complete as many reps of a single arm dumbbell strict press as you can
Ceiling Fan (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
20 Single DB Alt. Power Snatches
40 Double Unders
20 Single DB Overhead Reverse Lunges
40 Double Unders

• Sets of jump rope separate the single dumbbell movements in today’s workout
• Choose a weight for both dumbbell movements that allow you to complete the 20 reps with 1 break
• Your score at the end of 15 minutes is total rounds + reps completed
• The intended range for scores on this workout is 3+ to 4+ rounds
• To move consistently across the 15 minutes of work, see if you can limit your breaks to 2 places:
• 1 break at the halfway point of each movement
• 1 break after each movement
• Taking short breaks of about 10 seconds in the middle of each movement and after each movement will have you moving in a "tabata-like" format (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off)
• Tabata can be helpful in ensuring you get the most of this workout by structuring your work and rest
• Unstructured rest plans can often eat into a significant amount of the workout, leaving us wondering how much time we actually spent not moving
• Following this format throughout the workout means you will have spent 10 minutes working and 5 minutes resting and transitioning
• It can also help to break a longer workout down into smaller, more manageable chunks
• Consider this approach when putting together your game plan for this workout

• Alternate arms every rep for a total of 10 each side
• Both heads of the dumbbell should touch the ground on each rep
• You can change hands on the floor or in mid-air
• With a single dumbbell locked out overhead, you’ll alternate legs each rep
• Switch arms at the 10 rep mark and continue to alternate legs each rep
• Demo Video
• Choose a number or variation that allows you to clear this station in roughly 45 seconds

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