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CrossFit WOD, May 2, 2020

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Daily Mindset
"If you put limits on everything you do – physical or anything else – it will spread into your work and your life. There are no limits, only plateaus, and we must go beyond them." – Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee was involved in a horrific motorcycle accident when he was younger. He was told, he would never be able to walk again.
In that moment, he had a choice. To believe that his life was limited, to which a self-fulfilling prophecy would have followed. Or, he could choose to believe that there truly are no limits – only the ones we impose on ourselves.
Bruce made his choice. He chose to believe in cause and effect, and he put in the work. When times got hard, he got harder. When he reached a plateau, he recognized it for what it was. Not a limit, but the next challenge. And he found a way to overcome.
Bruce made his choice. When we reach our next challenge, what will be ours? Will we see it as our limit, or as the plateau that it truly is?

Warm-Up / Teach / Movement Prep
400 Meter Easy Jog
2 Rounds:
30 Seconds Active Spidermans
30 Seconds Active Samson
30 Seconds Inchworm to Push-ups
3 Rounds:
10 Mountain Climbers (10 Each Leg)
10 Single Dumbbell Deadlifts (5 Each Side – Hit Between Feet)
10 Reverse Lunges (5 Each Side)

• On the 3 non-running movements, let’s focus on nailing the finish position
• Finish the burpee at full extension with a small clap overhead and some air under the feet
• Finish the dumbbell snatch with the elbow locked out by the ear so the arm resembles an "I"
• Finish the walking lunge by reaching full extension with the lower before lunging the opposite foot forward

RUN: 2,000 Meter Row, 100/75 Calorie Bike
ALTERNATING DUMBBELL POWER SNATCHES: Odd Object Ground to Overhead, Kettlebell Swings, Slambballs
WALKING LUNGE: 100 Alternating Reverse Lunges (50 Each Side) or 100 Alternating Box Step-ups (50 Each Side)

Wedding March (Time)
For Time: (time CAP 35:00)
50 Burpees
1 Mile Run
75 Alternating Dumbbell Power Snatches
1 Mile Run
100 Meter Walking Lunge

• Working through a long chipper workout to start off the weekend
• In this steady grind of a workout, the goal is to keep moving forward as much as possible by pushing through larger sets of dumbbell power snatches
• We expect this piece to take around 25-35 minutes to complete

• The dumbbell power snatch is the only station we would stop moving on today – so let’s focus our efforts there
• See if you can push through large sets and/or limit your rest between sets to a minimum
• This is a great opportunity to test your limits on this movement
• Switching hands on the floor instead of in the air can also be a helpful method to stay moving
• Here are some options on how to get to 75 reps:
• One Steady Pace (Switching on Floor): UB, 2 Sets: 50-25 or 45-30, 3 Sets: 25-25-25 or 30-25-20, 4 Sets: 25-20-15-15, 5 Sets: 15-15-15-15-15 or 25-20-15-10-5

• The burpees in today’s workout are regular burpees
• The chest and thighs touch the floor in the bottom of each rep
• The body reaches full extension with a small clap overhead and some air under the feet at the top of each rep

• You’ll alternate hands every rep on this movement
• Both heads of the bell should touch the floor in the bottom
• Understanding that everyone has different weights at home, this should be a weight that allows you to complete the movement within 3-5 minutes
• Any less than 3 minutes and the weight is too light – any longer than 5 minutes and the weight is too heavy
• You can adjust the rep scheme accordingly based on weight
o Increase Reps to 100 if Light Weight
o Decrease Reps to 50 if Heavier Weight

• On the lunge, the back knee should touch the ground with each step
• After stepping out of the lunge, reach full extension with the body at the top
• 100 Meters = ~328 Feet

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