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CrossFit WOD, May 9, 2020

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Daily Mindset
"What you resist, persists".
What would you think about if I told you to not think of a pink giraffe?
The same effect takes place if I tell you "don’t slow down" as you start your final 400 meter run in a workout. Our minds don’t operate well when we focus on what "not to do". Instead of focusing on what not to do, let’s focus on what to do.
Let’s turn "don’t slow down" on that last 400m run into "I can hold this pace". Transition "don’t eat those cookies" to "let’s go snack on some celery".
If our thoughts become words, and those words become actions, we’re going to get what we focus on. So let’s choose wisely.

Warm-Up / Teach / Movement Prep
Row for 3:00 – increase pace each minute
Pigeon on box 1:00 per leg
2 rounds
10 air squats w/ 2s pause at bottom
3 thoracic bridge each side
Barbell Warmup
5 Good Mornings
5 Back Squats
5 Elbow Rotations
5 Strict Press & Reach
5 Romanian Deadlifts
5 Front Squats

TEACH (12-20:00)
HANG SQUAT CLEAN – "Pull Under Progression"
Hips extend → Big Shrug → Pull under the bar
Lets really hone in on our timing today, and practice extending hips (with arms locked out), shrugging that bar as we pull ourselves under to receive in the front rack position.
Movement Prep
3 Hang Pull
3 Hang High Pull
3 Hang power clean with 2s pause at catch position then finish w/ a front squat
3 Hang squat clean
3-4:00 to build to workout weight

PRIMER (20-23:00)
With Workout Weight:
3 Hang Squat Cleans
100 Meter Row
3 hang Squat Cleans

Purell (Time)
For time (15:00 TIME CAP)
Hang Squat Cleans (115/85)
250 Meter Row

• We’ll work with a light-moderate weight barbell in this descending rep scheme workout
• After completing each round of HSCs you’ll hop on rower for a 250m
• Record your time after finishing the final 250m row
• We expect this workout to take around 10-15 minutes to complete

• Strip bar down, spray weights, clips and all around barbell, and leave to soak.
• Spray rower seat and handles; Spray into towel to wipe down monitor
• Spray box if you used it or mat if you used it.
• Wipe dry the weights, clips, barbell, rower, and box/mats

At Home Program
Double Time (Time)
For Time:
3 Mile Run
Every 3 Minutes:
9 Burpees + 21 Air Squats

• Going longer in today’s running focused workout
• Every 3 minutes, starting at 0:00 on the clock, you’ll complete 9 burpees and 21 air squats before being able to continue forward for the run
• Make sure to wear a watch so you know when these 3-minute intervals arrive
• This workout will likely last 30+ minutes
• In order to achieve the right stimulus, let’s cap this workout at 40 minutes
• With the built in burpees and air squats, this workout will likely feel more like a 5 mile run
• Let’s pace it out from the beginning with that in mind
• Hold a pace that you see yourself being able to maintain for 30+ minutes
• It’s not about moving fast at any one station – rather maintaining a similar speed throughout

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