CrossFit WOD, November 17, 2020

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Daily Mindset
There are two definitions in the English language for the word "Overcome".
The first is that we are helpless. Overwhelmed, overrun, and beaten down, one who is "overcome" has lost the battle.
The second difference is the polar opposite. It is to triumph. To square off towards some form of adversity or obstacle, and to win.
These two definitions are on opposite spectrums for a reason. There is no middle ground. Adversity causes some to break. For others, it breaks records.
We don’t run from the fire. We run to it.

[5:00-12:00] 30 Seconds Each
Easy Assault Bike
Push-up to Down
Hollow Hold
Moderate Assault Bike
Push-up to Down Dog
Arch Hold
Faster Assault Bike
Push-up to Down Dog
Straight Leg Sit-ups

Barbell Warmup
5 Good Mornings
5 Back Squats
5 Elbow Rotations
5 Strict Press & Reach
5 Romanian Deadlifts
5 Front Squats

MOBILITY [12:00-18:00] Overhead Wall Stretch: 1 Minute
Reverse Table Stretch: 1 Minute
Standing Quad Stretch: 1 Minute each side

Teach / Specific Prep
[18:00 – 25:00] TOES TO BAR – Pull Yourself Down
We focus a lot on bringing the toes up to the bar, but less about what happens after that. In order to maintain a good rhythm, we have to get the feet back down and the body to the arch position with just as much urgency. If we bring the legs down slowly or don’t hit our arch position, we lose out on power and positioning, which can lead to more challenging reps or pendulum swinging. Pull your chest and feet underneath and through the bar in opposite directions to hit a tight, balanced position on the bar.
Movement Prep
20s Hollow Hold on Floor
20s Arch Hold on Floor
10 Scap Pull-ups
5 Kip Swings
5 Knees to Chest
3 Toes to Bar

PUSH JERKS – Push Yourself Down
In the push jerk, we can receive the weight with the hips and the knees bent. One way we can get to this receiving position efficiently is by thinking of pushing yourself down. Instead of trying to push the bar as high as you can with the upper body, use the weight of the bar to help push yourself underneath the weight. Jump hard with the lower body and use the upper body to assist is getting under the weight. We can use a movement called the Tall Jerk to practice this.
Movement Prep
5 Strict Press
5 Push Press
5 Tall Jerks
5 Push Jerks

[25:00-35:00] 1 Round With Lighter Weight:
100 Meter Assault Bike
5 Toes to Bar/1-2 Muscle ups
5 Push Jerks

1 Round With Workout Weight:
100 Meter Assault Bike
3 Toes to Bar/1-2 Muscle ups
3 Push Jerks

Push Pop (Time)
4 Rounds For Time:
½ Mile Bike
15 Toes to Bar
8 Push Jerks (135/95)

OPEN (RX+): Bike + 5 Ring Muscle Ups + 8 Push Jerks (165/115

Push Pop (BUILD) (Time)
4 Rounds For Time:
½ Mile Bike
15 Anchored Toes to Bar
8 Push Press (5/65)

• 400 Meter Row
• 300 Meter Run or Ski Erg

• Reduce Reps
• Feet as High as Possible
• Knees to Elbow/Chest/Waist
• 15 Toes Raises

• 8 Double DB Push Jerks
• 16 Single DB Push Jerks
• 16 Odd Object Shoulder to Overhead
• 16 Full Kettlebell Swings

At Home Program
Metcon (Time)
5 Rounds:
400m Run
15 Weighted Sit-ups
15 Double Dumbbell Push Press

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