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CrossFit WOD, November 18, 2022

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Our annual In-House comp is here, the Winter Classic '22.  Grab a partner and sign up here: https://competitioncorner.net/events/8770/divisions

Up [3-8:00] 3:00 moderate pace row
2 rounds
12 knuckle drags
10 straight leg sit ups
8 push up to side plank (4/side)

Specific Prep
Prep [8-18:00] Pick Drills:
1. 30s Arms only
2. 30s Arms AND Body (hips/shoulders forward)
3. 30s ARMS + Body + 1/2 leg or "1/2 slide"
4. 30s ARMS + Body + "Full Slide"

2 rounds of
30s Moderately Tough pace + 30s recovery
1:00 Moderately Tough pace + 2:00 rest/recovery/walk

6 Minute Row Test (MAX Meters) (Distance)
Row 6:00 for max meters
walk/recovery for 3-4:00

Goal: MAX EFFORT for 6 minutes. Don’t worry how this will affect your Metcon after, this is the focus today!

Specific Prep
[30-40:00] w/ empty bar:
5 RDLs
5 No dip Hang Muscle Clean
5 Front Squats
3 Below Knee Hang Squat clean
3 (from mid shin) Squat cleans
build to workout weight in 2-3 quick sets of 1-3 reps each

Shuri (Time)
10 Rounds For QUALITY (TIME CAP 15:00)
1 Squat Clean (heavy)
5 strict Pull Ups
10 burpees

OPEN (RX+): 80% of squat clean 1RM / strict CTB Pull Ups

GOAL: Move w/ PURPOSE and keep movement Quality HIGH. Slow down to make sure you are hitting points of performance and full Range of Motion. If you do not complete all the work under the time cap, that is ok, this is about moving with intent for the work time.
Shuri (BUILD) (Time)
10 Rounds For QUALITY (TIME CAP 15:00)
1 Power Clean (95/65)
1 Front Squat (95/65)
5 Strict Banded Pull Ups
10 burpees

Recovery/Endurance Builder
[after class]
(start these about 30-60s after workout is over)
5:00/800m Row or run slow as needed just no walking/stopping