CrossFit WOD, October 13, 2020

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Daily Mindset
"Culture eats strategy for breakfast." -Peter Drucker

In business, this is ever important for leaders to fully understand. That the culture of a team is everything. Over any marketing plans, product launches… anything.
The same mindset is true for us as athletes.

We’ve all heard the line, "it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog". And we believe it to be true. The picture perfect strategy, executed half-heartedly, will always be beaten by the less-than-ideal strategy, but executed with full heart.

Our character is our back bone. During round 4 of "Kelly", or the final minutes of an Open AMRAP, it will not be our "workout strategy" that we fall back to. It’s something deeper. Cultivate that, and everything else falls into place.


6 Minutes Easy
2 Minute Bike
2 Minute Row
1 Minute reverse lunges
1 Minute AbMat Sit-ups

Hamstring Stretch on box 30s per leg
Pigeon on box 45s per leg

Teach / Specific Prep
[15:00 – 22:00]

ASSAULT BIKE & ROW – Core Engaged

Our big focus for the day will be the toes to bar, which is best know as a core movement. While the toes to bar is the main focus, all good functional movements recruit muscle from the core to the extremities. Using the core to maintain a good body position allows other muscle groups to create power. Power is best transferred through a strong and stable core. On the assault bike, rower, and double unders, let’s focus on maintaining a neutral posture with an engaged core. This good posture will better enable the legs and arms to do their job. On the rower and the bike, it allows for a stronger drive through the feet. On the double unders, it allows for a more consistent bound and rotation of the wrists.
Movement Prep
30 Seconds Moderate Assault Bike
30 Seconds Moderate Row
30 Seconds Double Under Practice

TOES TO BAR – Core Engaged

On the toes to bar, we’re looking to keep the core engaged throughout the whole movement. When we disengage at any point, we sacrifice good positioning and efficiency. We’ll go through a short progression on the floor before moving up to the bar to work on this full range of motion control. See the Daily Video for a full visual on this floor progression.
Movement Prep
Floor Progression (See Daily Video)
3-5 Strict Toes to Bar (High As Possible Without Swinging)
5 Kip Swings
5 Knees to Chest
5 Toes to Bar


1 Round
5 calorie Bike
150 Meter Row
8 box step ups
5 Toes to Bar


• Today’s chipper workout incorporates all cardio and gymnastics movements
• We’re working these higher rep stations one time each
• We expect this workout to take around 20-27 minutes to complete
• The last two movements of the workout are all about chipping through manageable sets
• With a lot of reps in a row, quick sets and quick breaks may be the best option to push off muscle fatigue, especially on the toes to bar
• If you have 20+ unbroken toes to bar when fresh, complete this station as written
• If you’re not there yet, reduce reps or choose a variation from "modifications"

Do Less (Time)
For Time:
100/90 cal Bike
2000m Row
100 Box Step Ups (24"/20")
50 Toes to Bar
Do Less Build (Time)
For Time:
80/70 cal Bike
2000m Row
100 Box Step Ups (20"/12")
100 Abmat sit ups

At Home Program
Metcon (Time)
Double Unders
Box Step Ups

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