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Daily Mindset
"Roses that are left unpruned can become a tangled mess of old and new canes, all competing for air and light." – Elizabeth Roth
As the rose bush grows, it creates more buds that it can maintain. It doesn’t grow like a tree, as it’s physical size is limited, but the buds keep on coming. And if we don’t trim the buds down… the whole bush can exhaust itself and die.
Ideas are like rose buds. They constantly need to be "pruned" or trimmed. If we don’t trim our ideas, just like the rose bush, we can overwhelm ourselves.
Growth ideas are natural and it’s completely normal (and a very good thing) for new ones to come on a daily basis. But if we want to reach our full potential, it will require the pruning, trimming, and critical look on what needs to stay… and what needs to go.

[5:00 – 12:00] 2 Rounds:
30s Each
Lateral Squats
PVC Pass Throughs
Inchworms to Push-up
PVC Overhead Squat
Active Spidermans

Snatch Biased Barbell Warmup
5 Good Mornings
5 Back Squats
5 Elbow Rotations
5 Snatch Grip Behind the Neck Presses
5 Snatch Grip Romanian Deadlifts
5 Overhead Squats

MOBILITY [12:00 – 14:00] PVC Sotts Press x 10-15 reps
Duck Walk w/ PVC in OH position x 20-30s

Teach / Specific Prep
[14:00 – 25:00] POWER SNATCH – Snatch Lift Off
We’re going to work three different drills here that will prepare us nicely for all barbell movements. The first drill is called the Snatch Lift Off. This is a partial snatch deadlift to knee height that improves positioning off the floor. The goal here is to move at a controlled speed that enables the hips and shoulders to move together.
Power Snatch Into Overhead Squat
The second drill is the power snatch into overhead squat. You could also think of this movement as a squat snatch with a pause halfway under the bar. After power snatching the weight, we’ll pause for 3s before descending into an overhead squat. The goal here is to improve the receiving position by meeting the bar in a fairly high position with proper footwork and hip placement. In a perfect world, the footwork for the power snatch and squat snatch are the same.
Movement Prep
30s PVC Snatch Lift Offs
30s PVC Power Snatch Into Overhead Squats
10 Barbell Snatch Lift Offs
5 Power Snatch Into Overhead Squats

OVERHEAD SQUAT – Tempo Pausing Overhead Squats
Tempo overhead squats will improve your ability to control the bar and body through the full range of motion. We’ll take 3 seconds to squat down, pause for 3 seconds, then stand at regular speed. Slowing things down allows you to focus on maintaining balance, proper positioning, and a constant upward pressure into the bar.
Movement Prep
5 PVC Tempo Overhead Squats (3s Down + 3s Pause)
5 Barbell Tempo Overhead Squats (3s Down + 3s Pause)
5 Overhead Squats

SQUAT SNATCH – Full Squat Snatch
We’ll finally put everything together will the full squat snatch:
1. Controlled First Pull Off The Floor
2. Receive Bar With Proper Foot and Hip Position
3. Maintain Balance Through the Full Squat
Movement Prep
5 PVC Squat Snatches
5 Barbell Squat Snatches

Snatch Primer (B) (EMOM x 3 sets)
1 Low-Hang Snatch High Pull + 1 Mid-Hang Snatch High Pull + 2 OHS (@22X1)

Empty Bar to 35% of 1RM for all Primer sets
3-Position Power Snatch (Every 1:30 x 5 sets)
Pockets, 1" above knee, and floor

Set 1: 66% of Pwr. Snatch 1RM
Set 2: 69%
Sets 3,4,5: 72%
3 Position Snatch (Every 1:30 x 5 sets)
Set 1: 66% of Snatch 1RM
Set 2: 69%
Sets 3,4,5: 72%

[40:00-43:00] 5 Power Snatches
3 Lateral Burpees Over Bar
5 Overhead Squats
3 lateral Burpees Over bar
5 Squat Snatch (PS + OHS or Hang Power Clean)

[45:00 – 55:00]
Over and Out (Time)
For Time: (10:00 HARD TIME CAP)
20 Power Snatches (75/55)
20 Lateral Barbell Burpees
20 Overhead Squats (75/55)
20 Lateral Barbell Burpees
20 Squat Snatches (75/55)

OPEN (RX+): (95/65)

• The intended time range for this workout is between 5-10 minutes — so ~2 mins per station

• We’re likely choosing our barbell weight off the squat snatch
• This should be a weight that you can cycle for 12+ unbroken squat snatches when fresh
• All weights are intended to be on the lighter side today
• For athletes with no goals of competing or who struggle with mechanics, replace all squat snatches with power snatches

• We’re starting the workout fresh on this station, so you could go with larger sets — but let’s balance out could vs. should here
• Since the barbell doesn’t come back to the ground like the snatches, look to hold on for bigger sets; ideally in 1-2 sets (20 or 10-10)
• With the squat snatch being such a large range of motion, it may be best to cycle smaller sets than you did on the power snatches
• Since this is the last station, make it your goal to rest as little as possible
• Smaller sets, very fast singles, or a combination of the two may be preferable to big sets with big breaks between

• You can jump-up or step-up off the floor BUT must Jump over the bar with two feet for "RX"
• There is no need to stand to full extension on the jump over

Over and Out (BUILD) (Time)
For Time:
20 Hang Power Snatches (55/45)
20 Lateral Barbell Burpees
20 Front Squats (55/45)
20 Lateral Barbell Burpees
20 Hang Power Cleans (55/45)

Over and Out (HOME) (Time)
"Over and Out"
Alternating DB Power Snatches
After Each Round:
10 Lateral Burpees Over Dumbbell


• Regular Burpees

• Single DB Power Snatches
• Double DB Power Snatches
• Kettlebell Swings
• Slamballs
• Odd-Object Ground to OH

• Single Arm DBl OHS
• Single DB/KB Goblet Squats
• Front Squats
• Wallballs
• Medicine Ball Squat Cleans
• Jumping Squats
• Odd Object OHS

• Single DB Squat Snatches

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