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CrossFit WOD, September 16, 2022

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[3-10:00] 1:00 bike slow
1:00 air squats
1:00 bike moderate
1:00 Medball OH reverse lunge
1:00 bike fast

Specific Prep
[10-15:00] With empty bar or PVC pipe
5 reps each from this Snatch warm up progression
tall high pulls
tall muscle snatch
BTN press
5 sotts press in snatch grip
5 drop snatch
build to workout weight in 1-2 quick sets

Hang Power Snatch (1 rep Every 1:15 x 12 (15:00))
Weight stays the same for all 12 reps; build from last week

RX/RX+: (125-155#/85-105#)

Specific Prep
[30-35:00] 10 scap pull ups
10 wall ball front squats

8 kip swings
8 WB thrusters

5 kipping pull ups
5 wall ball shots
5 CTB Pull Ups

Metcon (5 Rounds for reps)
5 rounds @ 85-90%
(3:00 Time cap per round/25:00 Total Time cap)

Every 5:00 complete 1 round of:
8 CTB Pull Ups
15 Wall Ball Shots
8 Pull Ups
15/12 cal Bike
*Time CAP for each round is 3:00 to allow for at least 2:00 rest between rounds

OPEN (RX+): 3-5 BMU + 15 WBS + 8 CTB Pull ups + 15/12 cal bike

GOAL: 2:10-2:40 per round
Keep round times close, if anything, think a bit faster each round. Try to go unbroken on the pull ups and WBS each round by picking a movement variation/weight that you could do 12-15 unbroken once.
Don’t let up on bike here, push your pace on the bike knowing you are going into a pretty long rest.
If you can do CTB but they slow you down or sets of 4-5 reps are not there yet, just drop reps or consider doing just kipping pull ups on both parts.
Metcon (5 Rounds for reps)
5 rounds @ 85-90%
8 banded strict Pull Ups -or- 4-8 kipping pull ups
15 Wall Ball Shots
8 Ring Rows -or- 4-8 strict Pull Ups
12/10 cal Bike
rest 2:00

Recovery/Endurance Builder
EMOM 5:00
15s max rep jumping lunges + 45s easy air squats
1:30 PVC Pipe thrusters
3-5:00 easy bike effort