CrossFit WOD, September 17, 2020

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Daily Mindset
"Hope and despair are both self-fulfilling prophecies." – Ernest Hemingway
If you are in the market for a blue Honda, all you see on the road are blue Hondas. It’s as if they are seemingly everywhere. In every intersection, passing us on the highway, and at the gas station.
Yet, they were there the whole time. We as humans have what’s called the "Reticular Activation System", which helps us see more of what we’re actively thinking about.
It’s actually a survival mechanism. If we needed to look for food because we were about to starve, we prime our senses to find it. Or if danger was close by in the form of a man-eating predator, we’d prioritize our senses to be very aware of where the threat was, or where it could be hiding. It’s an incredible level of focus that we don’t realize we’re using, bringing what is on our subconscious mind into the conscious world.
Are we focused on what might go wrong? Or are we focused on what will make it go right?

[5:00 – 12:00] Line Drills
Knee to Chest
Cradle Stretch
Lunge & Twist (Over Front Leg)
Toe Touches
High Knees
Butt Kickers
Side Shuffles
Jumping Jacks
Toes Out Walk
Toes In Walk
Heel Walk
Toe Walk
200m jog

MOBILITY [12:00 – 18:00] Banded Lat Stretch: 40 Seconds Each Side
Banded Hamstring Stretch: 40 Seconds Each Side
Banded Cross Body Stretch: 40 Seconds Each Side

Teach / Specific Prep
[18:00 – 30:00] RUN – Breathing
The runs today are opportunities to recover the arms and bring the heart rate back down. Dialing in your breathing will allow for a calm mind, smooth pace, and a steady flow of oxygen to your muscles. We can aim to breathe from the belly and try out a 2:2 ratio. This means you inhale for 2 seconds, then exhale for 2 seconds. We can feel this out here at a slow pace to get the rhythm down. Listen to your inhales and exhales during movement prep and the practice round to bring your attention to rhythmic breathing.
Movement Prep
100 Meter Slow Run (2:2 Ratio)

Full Body Overview
Today is all about the strict pull-up. We’ll touch on full body points of performance from head to toe. The most important thing in this workout is choosing a variation that allows for these points of performance to maintained. We’ll feel out most of these points of performance with the PVC Hollow Hold before getting up to the bar. If you’d like, you can write these up on a white board for athletes to reference before the workout begins:
• Hands: Hands at shoulder width with pinkie knuckle over the bar for leverage and better back engagement
• Elbows completely locked at the bottom of each rep
• Head: Maintain a neutral head to stay hollow with the chin passing over the top of the bar on each rep
• Shoulders: Keep an active shoulder by pulling the shoulder blades towards your butt
• Belly: Hollow out through the middle of the body by "stapling" the ribs and hips together
• Legs: Legs stay long, glued together, and slightly forward of the body through the full range of motion
Movement Prep
30 Second PVC Hollow Hold
10 Scap Pull-ups
30 Second Hollow Hold on Pull-up Bar
1-3 Strict Pull-ups

SINGLE ARM DB STRICT PRESS – Midline stabilized
Let’s focus on keeping that core tight and legs engaged for these reps.
Movement Prep
20s OH circles each direction
3 Single Arm press @ 2020

[30:00 – 50:00]
Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
"Show Muscles"
AMRAP 20:00 @ 70-75%
400 Meter Run
7 Strict Pull Ups
7 Single Arm Strict Press/Arm (35/25)
14 Single DB Box Step Overs (35/25)

OPEN (RX+): Run + 7 strict CTB + 7 Strict HSPU + 14 pistols (7/leg)


• The strategy for today’s workout is fairly simple
• Move at a light-moderate speed on the everything hovering in that moderate zone for the whole 20 minutes and that supports upper body recovery between efforts
• Go for an unbroken or quick sets of strict pull-ups and strict presses.
• Treat the DB step overs like burpees, find a pace you can just move through the entire set knowing you have that recovery run up next.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)
"Show Muscles"
AMRAP 20:00 @ 70-75%
400 Meter Run
7 Ring Rows
7 Single Arm Strict Press/Arm (20/15)
14 Box Step Ups (no weight)

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