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CrossFit WOD, September 4, 2021

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[3:00-12:00] AMRAP 8:00 for quality (use light DBs for warm up)
:20/:20 Half Kneeling SA OH Hold
10 Scapular Push-Ups
10 Bent Over Reverse Flys
10 DB upright rows + Cuban rotation
20 Plank Shoulder Taps

Specific Prep
[12-20:00] With empty bar:
3-4 bent over rows @30X1
3-4 strict press @20X1
3-4 Front squats @20X1
Build to working weight for strength and

Metcon (4 Rounds for reps)
16:00 Strength EMOM
min 1: 6-8 Bent Rows @30X1
min 2: 6-8 Dual DB Upright Rows @30X1
min 3: 6-8 Ring Push-ups @3113 -or- regular push ups
min 4: :20-:30sec Tuck Hang -or- Hollow tuck hold

SCORING: Each 4:00 is one round, record total number of reps through all 4 minutes, 1 second = 1 rep

*today is all about that pump and maintaining that tempo. Expect things to get really challenging if you are doing this workout right! Make sure to keep weights moderate for athletes to maintain tempo and positions.

Metcon (Time)
4 Rounds for Time (20:00 Firm time cap)
12 Kipping Handstand Push-Ups (w/ up to 2 abmats)
15 DB Bench Press (35s/25s)
12 Front Squats 135/95#
400m Run

18 Kipping HSPU
15 DB Bench Press (50s/35s)
12 Front Squats (185/125#)
Run 400m

CC: Grind
Choose weights and movement variations that allow you to complete each movement in 1-2 set each round
Metcon (Time)
4 rounds for time (20:00 time cap)
12 Push Press (95/65)
15 DB Bench Press (25s/15s)
12 Front Squats (95/65)
Run 400m

Conditioning EXTRA
Metcon (Time)
Run 3 miles time trial

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