CrossFit WOD, September 7, 2020

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Daily Mindset
"You can’t build on top of success you don’t acknowledge." – Dallas Travers
There’s a dark side to being so driven. We can be so focused on constantly improving that we can forget to look back. And acknowledge where we came from. I bet we can all relate to a time where we landed a PR lift, or a raise at work… where we were psyched, but only for mere seconds. Before we know it, we’re already thinking, "what’s next?" The finish line always moves.
It’s not wrong to be passionately driven. That’s not where the harm comes from. The harm comes when we don’t celebrate our victories.
We aim to live in a state of true "blissful disassifaction". Grateful for every experience that comes our way, all the while in a fiery pursuit of the next best version of ourselves. Think of it less as a "pat on the back", and more of a foundation to build upon. As the quote above teaches us, we can’t build on top of success we don’t acknowledge.

[5:00-12:00] AMRAP 7:00 increase pace each round
5 push ups
10 air squats
15 jumping jacks
Row 30s

MOBILITY [12:00-15:00] Ankle/calf stretch 30s per leg
Foam roll calves 1:00 per leg

Teach / Specific Prep
[15-25:00] Burpee "Back to Basics"
Points of Performance: To get a "good rep," ensure the following:
– Your chest and thighs make contact with the ground
– You reach full hip/knee extension at the top of the vertical jump
– Both feet leave the ground during the vertical jump
Pro-Tip: Need a break during burpees? Rest while you stand. Burpee efficiency comes from the bounce off the ground. When you rest on the ground, you lose the bounce. You can also take better recovery breaths in a standing position.
3 frog hops
3 step back and step forward burpees
3 burpees

Double Under – "Relax your shoulders/Upper back"
Today we will need those shoulder for the burpees and the row, so try to give them a break on the jump rope. If you feel yourself tensing up, take a quick second to reset and compose yourself.
Pro-Tip: If you can’t link double-unders together in big sets, slow your pace down. A fast double-under pace increases the likelihood that you’ll trip. It also fatigues the upper body and lungs and can lead to faster burn out.
20s double tap drill
20s single unders (focusing on relaxed shoulders)
20s double under practice

Rowing – BASICS
Focus on 2 things today:
1) Get the rower going quickly
2) Stay efficient as possible for the short time on the machine.
• 5 strokes legs only
• 5 strokes legs + shoulders back opening up torso to about 11 o’clock position
• 5 strokes Legs + Shoulders Back + arms bend to bring handle just below chest and just short of "touching chest"
• Don’t forget, on the recovery of each stroke: arms away FIRST, lean shoulder forward SECOND, and bend knees LAST
• Practice "CrossFit race Start"

[25:00-30:00] 2 rounds of 20s HARD EFFORT each:
double unders
rest 1:00

Ghost (FIT/OPEN) (6 Rounds for reps)
6 Rounds of:
1 minute of Rowing (for calories)
1 minute of Burpees
1 minute of Double-Unders

1 minute Rest

• Score is reps for each round. The total reps will add up in Wodify for 1 score of total reps over the 6 rounds.
• Athletes will undoubtedly be able to get the most repetitions on the double-under station. That being said, don’t game the workout by slowing dramatically on the row or burpees just to get more double-unders.
• The true test is to complete as many reps as possible at each station. This is one of the benefits of counting each station’s reps separately. Athletes can compare and contrast each round, giving themselves a target to hit each time.
• Let’s think of each movement as a 3-minute effort in itself. What pace would we be able to hold for three minutes on the rower, burpees, and rope? Thinking of these as one minute stations may mean that athletes come out hot in the first round, only to fall off big later on.
• Create the standard in the first round and aim to match or best those numbers in the rounds to come.
• With a one minute cap on each movement, this workout is a great opportunity for athletes who are on the fence of single- and double-unders to get some good double-under practice in.
Ghost (BUILD) (6 Rounds for reps)
6 Rounds of:
1 minute of Rowing (for calories)
1 minute of Burpees
1 minute of Single-Unders

1 minute Rest

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