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The CrossFitter’s Christmas Gift List

By November 14, 2017No Comments

CrossFitter's Christmas Santa

The Christmas season is rapidly approaching and many of our family and friends are asking us for gift ideas, clothing sizes, shoe measurements — you know the drill.

Rather than risk getting an ugly puffy sweater from Mom again if you say “nothing,” we’ve got your back with The CrossFitter’s Christmas List!

So, whether you’re a CrossFitter yourself — or buying for one — we’ve curated this handy list of great gift ideas that will ensure your stocking’s filled with items you want, not something you’ll re-gift at Dirty Santa next year.

Tip 1 – It’s best to just ask first.
We’ve tried to make this list focused on those items that we need to replace or we could always use more of. Each athlete have their own preferences that the safest bet is to just ask the whomever you’re buying for what they would like. Even though the gift may not be a complete surprise, athletes appreciate providing input on what they would like.

Tip 2 – Stay in your budget.
CrossFit gear can be a bit pricey, but there are usually multiple options that work great and fit a variety of budgets. While we can’t speak for everyone, most of us would rather you stay within your budget and buy a less expensive item, rather than have you blow your budget to get something top of the line.

Pro-Tip – Go Rogue
You can always visit Rogue Fitness and select almost anything on their site and your CrossFit athlete would be happy. Rogue curates an extensive list of great apparel, gear, shoes, and accessories. You may be able to find the same item elsewhere at lower prices, but this is a great starting point.

If you have someone in your life that’s interested in CrossFit, buying them a 3-month class package is a fantastic gift idea. They would have the 3-week On-Ramp course that shows you how to safely complete the movements and prepare them to join in with our regular classes.

Also, a 3-month package is just the right length of time for someone to go through the training and jump into the regular classes, allow their body time to adjust, and then decide whether they want to continue their membership.

If you’re interested in purchasing a membership for someone, have them setup an appointment with us or send us an email with your contact information to info@crossfit405.com and we can talk through the details.

Fitness Apparel, Accessories, and Supplements
Your CrossFit athlete can always use more gym clothes. After sweating in them all summer, most of our clothes need to be burned and replaced. We always have great shirts, headbands, and other items for sale in our gym, but we recommend asking your athlete what size, style, and brand that they would love to have.

CrossFitters are hard on their shoes and usually need to replace them fairly often. Due to the nature of our workouts, we need shoes that can take a beating and are great for lifting, so normal running shoes aren’t ideal. Several brands have created shoes that meet the specific needs we have, such as the Reebok Nano, Nike Metcons, and No Bull Project. These are just a few, and if you shop around online or at outlet stores, you can sometimes find really good deals below the normal prices.

With our gymnastic movements, weightlifting, and squatting, we’re hard on our hands and knees. For grips, on the upper end, several of us like the Bear Komplex grips, and many like the WODies 2in1 combo grip/wrist wraps. One cool thing we’ve seen are the WOD & Done adhesive grips, which are disposable and give a really great feel for the athlete.

Knee Sleeves
For knee sleeves, there are many options. The Rehband Original Knee sleeve is a trusted model used by many professional athletes in competition, but there are multiple brands, like Nordic Lifting, that work great as well. You’ll want to make sure to check sizing charts and ask your athlete what size they need to get the right fit.

Jump Ropes
Probably about once a year, we have to change out our jump ropes because they’ve worn out. We’re all at different stages of development, which requires different weights of rope and speed of the handles. We recommend you ask your athlete about this one first. Sometimes we need the rope and new handles, sometimes we just need a new rope. Many of us buy from Axel Design here in Oklahoma, but you can also find great options from Rogue Fitness, and Wod Nation.

Whatever you choose, we can assure you that your CrossFit athlete will be grateful. And honestly, as much as they will appreciate the gift, they’d probably enjoy grabbing lunch or dinner with you…as long as it’s Paleo…or maybe not! 😉


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