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Functional to Exceptional

By December 14, 2019No Comments

Getting out of bed. Storing your luggage in the overhead bin. Sitting on the toilet. Getting off the toilet. Off the floor, out of your chair, into a car, carrying in groceries, picking up your toddler. These are all basic life skills that take general, every day movements. 

Black and white photo of women and men jumping rope.

This is why, when you walk into our gym, the first thing we’re going to teach you is how to air squat. No weights, nothing fancy – just you and your body. A solid, perfect air squat is the building block for everything else we do. Then we move to a push-up, a lunge, a pull-up. We start adding weights to see what load you can carry. How far can you carry it with perfect form? For how long? 

We want you to move well, not just today, but over the next several decades. CrossFit isn’t about looking good or beating the person next to you. It’s about quality of life. Taking people through and even past functional movement to exceptional movement. 

Scaling a fence. Jumping three feet in the air. Climbing a rope, pulling yourself out of a swimming pool, pulling someone else out of swimming pool. Pressing your bodyweight overhead. Lifting twice your body weight off the floor. These movements and abilities aren’t just for firefighters, strongmen and military personnel. These belong to seniors, moms of three, and your neighbor who’s scared to leave their home. 

I believe functional movements will become the new status quo, the lowest bar. And then I want to see people pushing for exceptional and asking themselves, what else can I do? 

If you’re ready to see what you are capable of, let’s get started on your fitness journey together. You can do this.

Author: Shyla Stokes

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