As a former D1 Student/Athlete in tennis, Gabby understood fitness and athletic performance, but was struggling to find something to replace the structure that comes with the collegiate experience.

After trying several different options for 3 years, she decided to give CrossFit a try. Since joining at CrossFit 405, not only has her mental and physical game improved, but so has her confidence.

For those considering starting CrossFit, Gabby said, “Give yourself time to make the decision whether or not you like it. I signed up for the 6 month plan so that it could really settle in and see what I felt about it. I’ve loved it since day 1 and 183 days later I still love it.”

Why did you start CrossFit?

I started at Crossfit 405 because as a former D1 student-athlete in tennis. I longed for the type of workouts I used to do back in college. If anything I enjoy Crossfit workouts more! Less pressure, supportive coaches and community, and diverse workouts. It never gets boring, everyday is different. I tried many different exercise options for 3 years after I graduated and those methods just didn’t stick with me. Crossfit has made me stronger mentally, build healthy muscle and improve my mood and confidence.

Tell us about your experience as a member at CrossFit 405? What's it been like?

Since day 1 I felt welcomed by all the coaches and members in the box! I loved doing On-Ramp with Coach Shyla, and love attending her classes! The whole coaching staff is equally amazing! They are supportive, they challenge you but most of all they keep you accountable. Anytime I feel I’m too tired or lazy to get up and go to the box, I end up showing up for the coaches. They have been super helpful in this health journey of mine.

Take us back to when you first started CrossFit. Tell us what that was like in the beginning?

I remember walking in to get some info on memberships and classes, and meeting a few of the members like Coy and Coach Shyla. They were mid workout, I felt bad for interrupting but they both stopped to talk to me about Crossfit, the Crossfit 405 South box, and what to expect in the workouts.

They both sold me in that moment seeing how they took the time to talk to me about becoming a member. I did my on-ramp for 5 days before starting in with the class and I was immediately integrated into the group. Everyone here so incredibly supportive no matter what skill level you are.

What's different for you now? How have things changed for you since starting CrossFit?

I am 15lbs lighter, my body measurements are smaller, I feel fitter physically and mentally. I was in an emotional rut post college. They don’t really prepare student-athletes for post graduation life, many of us go through identity issues and trying to find a place in the world that has nothing to do with the sport you have been playing for 15+ years. I was in that space for 3 years since I had graduated and hung up my rackets and I missed the camaraderie that came with sports. I found this at Crossfit 405. I feel like that hole has been filled and Im getting in shape at the same time too! 

Physically now Im back to doing pushups, a wall handstand (which I could never do before!) I’m noticing my barbell weight going up in certain movements and I just feel stronger and more confident overall. I feel like the biggest impact Crossfit has had on me was the emotional improvement.

What specific goals have you accomplished since starting CrossFit?

I was charting my weight since I started 6 months ago. I am 15lbs lighter off the scale, inches shaved off my waist, legs, arms, etc. Eating a whole lot better, I have been counting my macros and staying accountable with my nutrition.

What was the hardest part or the biggest obstacle you faced along the way?

Not giving up. I tend to pick up new hobbies and drop them fairly quickly so I didn’t tell family or friends what I was up to, nor did I post anything on social media for 6 months. I wanted to do this for me and focus on me. I didn’t want the opinions of others to discourage me from my journey nor did I want the noise on social media to make me feel any different from accomplishing my goals.

Has it been worth it? Why or why not?

100x YES. I wish I had joined sooner. Since I graduated college 3 years ago its been a physical and emotional rollercoaster! Although better late than never!

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