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Is CrossFit Worth It?

By December 27, 2018No Comments

Is CrossFit Worth It?

As much as we rave about CrossFit, is the cost of CrossFit worth it? We know it’s one of the biggest hurdles for people when considering CrossFit. How do you justify spending over a hundred dollars a month on a “membership to a gym” when there are plenty of $50, $40, or even $10, options?

Group of members hanging from a pull-up bar during warmups.

Aside from the fear that they “can’t” do CrossFit (which is untrue – anyone can CrossFit), the price tag is what holds people back. I want this, but I can’t spend that on exercise. 

So, is it worth it? And if so, why?

CrossFit Vs. Traditional Gyms

At a traditional gym, you’re getting machines, fancy ellipticals, treadmills, free weights, and sometimes additional perks like spas and pools. You go for one reason, typically: exercise. Get your heartrate up, get the blood pumping, burn a few calories, and go home.

When you walk into a CrossFit box, you’re not going to find those things. You’ll find weight racks, barbells, pull-up bars, ropes, rowers and bikes, to name the basics.

Men and women on rowers with people behind them encouraging them on.

It’s not meant to be fancy – it’s meant to be effective. 

That’s because CrossFit isn’t about exercise, it’s about training. It’s exercising with a goal in mind. The goal is to get better, to improve, to change. At CrossFit, you don’t walk in, check off your half hour, and leave unnoticed. You have a coach – akin to a personal trainer – making sure it is the best, most effective hour of your day.

What You’re Paying For:

  • Coaching: One-on-one training with a certified coach who cares about your goals and wants to see you succeed and grow in all areas of your life.
  • Camaraderie: Truly the reason we can’t shut up about CrossFit. It’s group fitness on steroids (not literally). It’s like going to the bar with your friends after work every day, except better. There’s a connection that happens when you fight through a tough workout and succeed together.
  • Constantly Varied Training: The workouts change daily. We’re not in there doing leg day or toe day or whatever. It’s varied, high-intensity training with specific goals in mind.
  • Results: You will see results. It’s unavoidable when you’re doing goal-oriented training and enjoying it. You’ll have a harder time staying out of the box than getting to it.
Woman completing an air squat.

We’re aware of the price, and aware that there are cheaper options. But we also believe most people walk into a traditional gym without guidance or goals, and leave without results. We know that CrossFit works. You just have to decide what you really want.

If you’d like to know more about CrossFit and how to get to work on your fitness goals, send us your info, or message us on our CrossFit 405 Midtown or South Facebook pages.