Success Stories

Whether it's losing weight, gaining strength, or feeling better, many of our members have found success by investing in their health and fitness at CrossFit 405. Here are a few of their stories.

Karli's' Story

One of our original members, Karli has been a part of CrossFIt 405 since 2010. Growing up playing sports and with a military background, she considered herself to be in decent shape.

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Chris' Story

When Chris started at CrossFit 405 during the spring of 2021, he was the heaviest he had been, but the idea of going to a normal gym wasn’t appealing.

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Heather's Story

Since joining CrossFit 405 2 years ago, her experience has been great. She said, “The workouts are always challenging, always room for improvement, but the coaches are great and have a genuine interest in helping everyone succeed.

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Dion's Story

When Dion started at CrossFit 405 3 years ago, he was just like many of our other members who were looking for something different. “I was tired of looking and feeling like crap.

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Luke's Story

I was a little bored of my typical gym routine. Plus, my overall self-esteem was starting to dwindle, and I thought this would help (spoiler alert: it did!).

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Julie's Story

It’s easy to tell when someone has true grit and commitment when they consistently show up to the 5:30AM class! Julie is one of those people!

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