Success Stories

Whether it's losing weight, gaining strength, or feeling better, many of our members have found success by investing in their health and fitness at CrossFit 405. Here are a few of their stories.

Gabby's Story

As a former D1 Student/Athlete in tennis, Gabby understood fitness and athletic performance, but was struggling to find something to replace the structure that comes with the collegiate experience.

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Heather's Story

Since joining CrossFit 405 2 years ago, her experience has been great. She said, “The workouts are always challenging, always room for improvement, but the coaches are great and have a genuine interest in helping everyone succeed.

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Dion's Story

When Dion started at CrossFit 405 3 years ago, he was just like many of our other members who were looking for something different. “I was tired of looking and feeling like crap.

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Krista's Story

Krista is one of our favorite members at CrossFit 405. She started through one of our 6-week bootcamps and decided to jump into our full CrossFit programming and group classes.

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Jenna's Story

We have so many success stories, but Jenna’s is probably one of our favorites. When we asked her what initially drew her to CrossFit 405, she said, “I started CrossFit …

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Robbie's Story

After spending several years in a traditional gym setting, Robbie’s progress had plateaued. He had lost a lot of weight, but he knew he needed to kick it up a notch if he wanted the progress to continue.

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Blake's Story

Blake joined CrossFit 405 in February 2018 and has been absolutely loving it ever since. Many times, members come looking to lose weight, but Blake was looking to put on muscle and gain strength.

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Julie's Story

It’s easy to tell when someone has true grit and commitment when they consistently show up to the 5:30AM class! Julie is one of those people!

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