CrossFit WOD, April 23, 2022

December 12, 2022
CrossFit WOD, April 23, 2022




7:00 AMRAP
100m Run
8/8 Staggered Stance SA RDL
10 Alternating Step-Ups
10 Hollow Rocks + 10sec Hollow Hold



3 Rounds
6 Russian KBS + 6 American KBS
5 Box Jumps
3-5 Deadlifts *increasing weight each round
:15sec High Knee Run in Place
6 GHD or Weighted Sit-Ups



Crawl Away (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)

20:00 AMRAP w/Partner
20 American KBS 53/35#
20 Box Jump Overs 24/20''
10 Deadlifts 225/155#
200m Run (each)
20 Weighted Sit-Ups
Goal: ~5 Rounds
-This workout is focused on midline stamina and conditioning. The movements today all have a good amount of interference and are working on a lot of specific flexion and extension while also targeting bracing of the midline, specifically on American KBS and Deadlifts.
-For this workout you can choose to break the reps up in any way that you want with your partner to get the most amount of reps completed within the 20 minutes. You can choose to do all the reps on one movement and then all the reps on the next or choose to break up each set-in half. For the run, you will each run the 200m together before moving onto the GHD sit-ups.

Open/RX+: 315/205#, GHD Sit Ups

Crawl Away Build (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)

20:00 AMRAP w/Partner
20 Russian KBS 35/25#
20 Box Jump Overs 24/20''
10 Deadlifts 135/95#
200m Run (each)
20 Ab Mat Sit Ups

Cool Down/Stretch


1:00/1:00 Couch Stretch
1:00/1:00 Single Leg Forward Fold
2:00 Seated Straddle
2:00 Saddle Pose

Accessory Work

Metcon (Weight)

4 Sets, For Quality
:30sec Supine Hold on GHD
1:00 Sorenson Hold
150ft Farmers Carry *moderate Heavy

*Repeat from two weeks ago

EXTRA Competitor WOD

Weightlifting + Skills (A,B & C)– Before WOD
Accessory Work (D&E)– Before WOD

Snatch (3 Sets 5-4-3)

3 Sets
5 Squat Snatch @ 75%
R: 60sec
4 Squat Snatch 80%
R: 60sec
3 Squat Snatch @ 85%
R 3:00b/s

Bench Press (5 Sets x 6 Reps @ 75% rest 2:00 b/s)

Metcon (Time)

For Time
Rope Climbs
*100ft Sandbag Carry to Finish Each Set

Metcon (Weight)

4 Sets, For Quality
10 Zottman Curls
10 BTN Strict Press *light load
10 Rear Delt Flys

Metcon (Weight)

3 Sets, For Quality
10/10 Single Leg Hip Extensions
6 Deadlift From 3" Deficit

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