CrossFit WOD, April 4, 2022

December 12, 2022
CrossFit WOD, April 4, 2022



10:00 At warm up pace:
1:00 Cardio Choice
10 Alternating Step-Ups *increase height each round
:15sec Dead-Hang + :15sec Active Hang
8 Bar Kip Swings
3-5 Muscle-Up Plate Drill



Metcon (Weight)

10:00 Clock to Complete
3 Sets, For Quality
8/8 Weighted Single Leg Pistol Step-Down
20sec/20sec Foot Elevated Single Leg Glute Bridge Hold

Specific Prep

Bar Muscle-Up: Work on engaging the lats and having the arch to hollow position create the movement that allows for the hips to get to the bar rather than a pull with the arms. Too many people focus on pulling when they should think about the body mechanics and actually pressing themselves away from the bar then over the bar by pressing down.

DB Front Rack Walking Lunges: Keep 1 head of DB on each shoulder. Elbows up, chest tall and walk with feet in shoulder width position so that you don’t end up walking in a tight rope
5/5 walking lunges no weight
3/3 walking lunges w/ workout weight

Scaling Considerations
Bar Muscle-Ups: We have multiple options we can scale to today. We can do the banded bar muscle-up, box bar muscle-up, low bar banded bar muscle-up, or burpee pull-up for scaling today.
Double Unders: Lets move to 75 Singles today for those that do not have doubles or 40sec of double under practice.
DB FR Walking Lunges: move to suitcase, lower the weight, or adjust to a single db suitcase lunge.



Steal My Sunshine (4 Rounds for reps)

16:00 EMOM
min 1: Max Burpee Pull Ups
min 2: 50 Double Unders
min 3: 50ft Dual DB FR Walking Lunge 35/25#
min 4: Rest

16:00 EMOM
min 1: Max Bar Muscle-Ups
min 2: 50 Double Unders
min 3: 50ft Dual DB FR Walking Lunge 50/35#
min 4: Rest
For BMU: just work on consistent muscle-up with good form. Even if this means that you are doing one great muscle-up then dropping and resting and accumulating 3 within the minute that is a way to improve capacity and form here. We are putting these first and after each rest minute in order to keep quality high today.

SCORE = # of BMU or BPU each round

Steal My Sunshine (BUILD) (4 Rounds for reps)

16:00 EMOM
min 1: Burpee Jumping Pull-Ups
min 2: 75 Single Unders
min 3: 50ft Single DB Walking Lunges 30/20#
min 4: Rest

Cool Down/Stretch

[5-6 minutes after class]
1:00 Calf Foam Roller
10 Thoracic Extension with Foam Roller
1:00/1:00 Scorpion Stretch
:30/:30 Thread the Needle Stretch

Accessory Work

Metcon (Time)

3 Sets, For Quality
12 Goblet Cyclist Squat
12 Barbell Hip Thrust
12 Ring Hamstring Curls

EXTRA Competitor WOD

Today we are hitting some wide grip bench press to keep building on the progression we hit last week. We will then work into some handstand walk skill work. Just practicing some skill work on the obstacle course before hitting a little more fatigued progression on the minute.
We are hitting some shoulder health strength accessories before finishing off the day with a good old fashion mixed mono session.

Close Grip Bench Press (5 Sets x 8 Reps; rest as needed )

All sets @ 90% of 8RM

Handstand Walk (4 Sets x 50ft (25/25ft) R: 1:00 b/s)

Metcon (Weight)

Strength Accessories (End of Day)
4 Sets
10 DB Front Shoulder Raise
10 DB Pull-Over
10 Barbell Skull Crusher

Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)

Conditioning (Separate Session to End the Day)
Every 10:00 for 30:00
1000m/900m Bike
800m Run
500/425m Row

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