CrossFit WOD, August 26, 2022

December 12, 2022
CrossFit WOD, August 26, 2022



6:00 @ warm up pace
30s jump rope
10 pvc pass through
3 inch worms
3/3 glute bridge march
5/5 shoulder external rotations (w/ light plates)

Specific Prep

With empty bar or PVC pipe
5 reps each from this Snatch warm up progression
tall high pulls
tall muscle snatch
BTN press
5 sotts press in snatch grip
5 drop snatch
build to workout weight in 1-2 quick sets



Hang Power Snatch (1 rep every 30 sec X 30 Reps)

Weight stays the same for all 30 reps, keep weight on light/moderate side
RX/RX+: (75-95/55-65)

Specific Prep

Toes to Bar: Pull that bar down - USE your lats today
5 kip swings
5 kips swings with straight leg swings
5 toes to bar / or straight leg raises
Wall ball Shots - keep heels down until hips and knees are fully extended!
5 WB thrusters
30s double under practice. Keep upper back and shoulders relaxed and stay snappy through wrists

Megladon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP 14:00 @ 80%
12 Toes to Bar
24 Wall Balls 20/14# to 10/9'
36 Double UndersOPEN(RX+): 15 TTB, 30 WB, 45 DU

Goal: EVEN splits all the way through
We are trying to extend our sets with WBS and Toes to bar; so dial pace back a notch and try to hold on for bigger sets today - even if we need a bit longer break between them.

Megladon (Build) (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP 14:00 @ 80%
12 Hanging Knee Raises
24 Wall Balls 14/10# to 10/9'
36 Single Unders

Cool Down/Stretch

1:00 slow jumping jacks
1:00 slow PVC pipe thrusters
1:00 slow straight leg sit ups

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