CrossFit WOD, March 15, 2022

December 12, 2022
CrossFit WOD, March 15, 2022



8:00 AMRAP
50ft Samson Walking Lunge
20 sec Half Kneeling SA OH Hold
10 Scapular Push-Ups
10 Bent Over Reverse Flys
6 Inchworm Push-Ups


Handstand Walk Skill Practice Day / Spend 15:00 going over drills and progressions for the day

Pick one PROGRESSION/SKILL PIECE to work on:
5 sets x 30-60s practice/progression + 60s rest



Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (Time)

3 Rounds for Time (18:00 TIME CAP)
10 Handstand Push-Ups
20 Dual DB Power Cleans 35/25#
10 Wall Walks
100' Dual DB Front Rack Walking Lunge 35/25#

Open/RX+: 20 Handstand Push-Ups + Dual DB PCs (50/35#) + 50' Handstand Walk
Goal: 11:00-15:00

Expect to get a little pump with this one, both in the legs and the arms. The expectation is that we stay steady on the workout with equal effort across each round. Expectation is to keep each round to around 4:00 +/- some. Break up into quick bites from the get go if you know you struggle with any of these movements.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (BUILD) (Time)

3 Rounds for Time (18:00 CAP)
10 Pike Handstand Push-Ups -or- Inchworms + push up
20 Dual DB Deadlifts 35/25#
50ft Bear Crawl
100ft Dual DB Walking Lunge 35/25# (DBs at sides)

Cool Down/Stretch

60sec/60sec Scorpion Stretch
60sec/60sec Pigeon Stretch
1min Prayer Stretch

Accessory Work

Metcon (Time)

4 Sets, For Quality
12 Feet Elevated Ring Rows
12 Dual DB Bicep Curls
15 Parallette Push-Ups
-Max Effort Dual KB OH Hold 53/35#,

EXTRA Competitor WOD

A/B: Done prior to class WOD
C: Done after class WOD

Split Jerk ((from blocks); 1 x 10 Sets; Every 90s )

starting @ 78% and increase by feel to heavy for the day

Metcon (Weight)

16:00 EMOM
Min 1: 7 Bench Press @ 70%+
Min 2: 7/7 Single Arm DB S2OH
Min 3: 100ft Straight Arm Sled Push
*heavy, but done within minute
Min 4: Rest

Metcon (Time)

Rowing Intervals
4 x 750m + R: 1:30 b/s
@ 5k Pace

REST 1:30

2x1000m + rest 3:00 b/s
@ 5k -1/500m and 5k -3/500m

R: 2:00

4 x 500m + R: 1:30 b/s
start @ 5k and descend each interval

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