CrossFit WOD, May 8, 2021

December 12, 2022
CrossFit WOD, May 8, 2021



[3-15:00] - Overhead Prep

2 Rounds for Quality
25ft Quadruped Crawl Slow Deliberate
7/side DB Windmills
6-8/side SA DB External Rotation 30X0
30sec Reverse Plank

Shoulder Cars x 1min/side

Specific Prep

Handstand Walk Progressions

1- Wall Walk + Walk Laterally Along Wall
2- Kick Up to Wall then Move Hands toward Wall
3- Handstand Shoulder Taps
4- Kick-Up Away from wall and take steps to wall
5- Partner Handstand Walks

*scale inversion to seal walk (pike position on box and walk around box)
5:00 to practice your HSW variation
5:00 to run through practice reps:
5-10 DB strict Press
5-10 Strict Pull Ups
5-10 Ring Rows
5-10 Sit ups/ med ball toss sit ups



The Boys (Time)

Partner WOD
For time (35 min FIRM time cap]
100 DB Strict Press 25/15#
80 Strict Pull-Ups
30 Wall Walks -or- 25 Seal walks around box -or- 100ft Handstand Walk
80 Ring Rows
100 Abmat Med ball Throw Sit-Ups 14/10#
*split evenly between partners

For Time
DB Strict Press @ 35/25#
100 Strict Pull-Ups
200ft Handstand Walk
100 Ring Rows w/ feet elevated
100 Partner Medball Throw Sit-Ups 20/14#
*split evenly between partners

* We are looking to complete the work today in 20:00-30:00, with a FIMR cap at 35:00
* Today is grunt work and practicing out gymnastics a bit under fatigue
* Choose weights and variations that allow you to get sets of 5-10 reps through the workout as you chip away at the reps with your partner.


MURPH Prep #12 (4 Rounds for reps)

Running repeats (6)
4 x 800m run
Rest 2:00 after each
Pigeon pose 2:00 per leg
Couch stretch 1:30 per leg
Down Dog Hold 1:00
same number of intervals as last week, but reducing rest time between

Accessory Work


3 Rounds for Quality
20 GHD Sit-Ups
1:00 Weighted Plank
15 Dual DB Bicep Curls

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