CrossFit WOD, October 26, 2022

December 12, 2022
CrossFit WOD, October 26, 2022



6:00 of
5 squat to stands + single Arm OH reach
5/5 knee hug + lunge + twist
5/5 push up + side rotation
20s glute bridge hold

Specific Prep

W/ empty barbell
5 good mornings
5 elbow rotations
5 hang muscle clean
5 front squat w/ 3s pause at bottom
5 front squats w/ 1s pause at bottom
Build in 1-2 more set to starting weight



Front Squat (@10X1; 8,8,8; every 2:30)

* Build in weight each set
* Faster tempo this week & no Pause

Front Squat (@ 1011; 10-12 x 3 sets; every 2:00)

Build as form allows



Zombie Land (Time)

3 rounds @ SUSTAINABLE Pace
25/20 cal Bike
1000m/850m Row
25/20 cal Bike
400m Recovery jog*
*Jog is RECOVERY, slow as you like, just don't walk.

OPEN(RX+):35/30 cal bike + 1000m/900m Row + 35/30 cal bike + 400m recovery jog

20-25s HARD effort bike + slow spin/recovery for 2:30
30-35s HARD effort Row + recovery row 2:30
100m Sprint + 200-300m walk/jog recovery

Use your "Moderate pacing" for Row and Bike this week
Keep your splits even over the 3 rounds

** HARD efforts still need to be repeatable, so aim to keep your 20-40s efforts even, and push hard enough to NEED that 3-4:00 recovery.

Zombie Land (BUILD) (Time)

3 rounds @ SUSTAINABLE Pace
24/18 cal Bike
800m/700m Row
24/18 cal Bike
400m Recovery jog/walk*

*400m jog/walk is RECOVERY slow as you need to go to come back in and get right to next round of Row and bike

Recovery/Endurance Builder

Straight leg stretch 1:00/leg + foam roll 2:00 per leg
Low Back
Cobra stretch 1:00
Scorpion flow 1:00
Foam Roll 2-3:00
Dorsiflexion stretch 30s/ leg
Foam roll 1:00 per leg

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