CrossFit WOD, October 5, 2021

December 12, 2022
CrossFit WOD, October 5, 2021



2 Rounds
1:00 Bike
5/5 Quadruped Thoracic Rotations
5 Supine Wall Angle Complex
3 Crab Extensions (5sec Pause at ext)
:15sec Active Hang

Specific Prep

3 Sets
7 Ring Swing
5 Prone Elbow Extension Slide and Lift Off
7 Arch-Ups
5 Hollow Rock + 1 Hip Extension



Strict Gymnastics TEST (30 RMU variation) (Time)

10 Rounds for Time [TIME CAP 10:00]
5 Strict Pull-Ups
5 Strict Dips

10 Rounds for Time
5 Ring Rows
5 Push-Ups

*We are testing out a variation of a classic benchmark workout of 30 Ring Muscle-Ups for time. This is a very well tested workout that will have a huge impact on your open performance if you are able to improve it over the coming months. We are planning to really tackle the progressions here to greatly improve this for athletes looking to crush the open this year.

30 Muscle-Ups (Time)

30 muscle-ups for time
The time cap is 10:00 here today so have athletes that have just gotten their first few muscle-up take this as a 10min AMRAP and keep track of this for future reference and see if. they can get closer and closer to getting 30 Ring Muscle-Ups in under 10:00.



Specific Prep

For a 1:00 ALL OUT Lactic Power test, you must get your energy system primed for best results. Don't skip primer today!
1 round:
20s @ 90% + slow spin 20s
10s @ 95% + slow spin 1:00

1 round
30s @ 90% + slow spin 10s
20s @ 95% + slow spin 30s

1 round
10s @ 100% + slow spin 20s
10s @ 100%

rest/slow spin 1-3:00 and then hit the 1:00 test

AMRAP 1:00 Bike (for cals) (Calories)

MAX cals in 60 secondsCC: Sprint
*60 seconds for Max Calories
We are testing our Anaerobic Lactate Endurance here and really testing what time of pain our athletes are willing to go through. We assume athletes will be going in heats and even if there is more time in class, everyone should be finished after this one. Have athletes cheer each other on and get after this one!

Cool Down/Stretch

:60/:60sec Scorpion Stretch
:30/:30 Thread the Needle
:60sec Childs Pose
:30sec/:30sec Iron Cross Stretch

Conditioning EXTRA

Metcon (Time)

1 mile x 1 rest 3:00
1.5 miles x 2 rest 5:00
1 mile x 1
Last session!

EXTRA Competitor WOD

Metcon (Time)

For Time
Power Clean and Jerk 95/65#
Power Snatch 95/65#
Power Clean and Jerk 135/95#
Power Snatch 135/95#

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