Dion Thompson

Dion Thompson


Squat: 405

Front Squat:345

Snatch: 227

Clean: 305

Deadlift: 500

Mile: 10:05


CrossFit Level 1

About Coach

I am a very laid-back person who likes to view things from a distance because you tend to see the whole picture instead of a zoomed-in view. What I'm most accomplished in is getting my L1 so I can help our members on their journey the same coaches of the past helped me.

Turning Point

The biggest turning points in my life have come from outside of myself. My grandfather, in his last days, told me he wanted to see me back to the way I used to be. Then I was well over 300lbs, I spent all of my time shut in and closed off from the world. When that is not me. His telling me that really resonated and made me not only join the gym but made me look within and find what was making me not me. The second would be my gf seeing that I was extremely unhappy with my current career, and pushing me to make changes in my life to find a new path.

Motivation & Passion

My motivation is simply to be 1% better everyday in everything, not just within the gym.

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