Evan Walter

Evan Walter


One workout I really enjoy doing is "Murph". It is a great test of work capacity and your ability to mentally push yourself. The workout consists of a 1 mile run; 100 Pull-ups; 200 Push-ups; 300 Air Squats; and another 1 mile run; all movements performed with a 20 pound weight vest.


CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

About Coach

Growing up I always played sports including baseball, football, and swimming. During college I began to let my fitness deteriorate with bouts of frustration, I would find myself joining gyms and working out, but over time allowing life to get in the way. In March of 2013, after dropping my daughter off at school, I wondered into CrossFit 405. In April 2013, I went through the on-ramp program. I was so out of shape that on the second day, I found myself sitting against the wall trying not to lose my lunch. Determined to improve my fitness, I kept coming back, finding support among the other members of the CF405 community. After about 5 years, I found the urge to coach so I could help others like me become healthier and more fit. Finally, in November 2020 I completed my CrossFit Level 1, and the following March my CrossFit Level 2. I absolutely love coaching and find excitement in the successes of those who I get to teach. I especially like to work with new athletes, because I know if they can stick with it, and trust the process, their lives, and abilities will improve immensely in the first 6 months.

Turning Point

CrossFit 405 and the community strengthened me physically, and also mentally. I have learned that the key to success in anyone's fitness journey is humility, patience with yourself, positive self-talk, and a supportive community. These attributes have made me a better athlete in the gym; in my professional life; and as a husband and father. All the while positioning me to be in better shape in my late 40s than I was in my mid-20s.

Motivation & Passion

Coaching is something I take very seriously. My goal with all of the athletes I have the privilege of coaching is to make sure all of their movements are technically sound, and they progress at a pace that is appropriate to them. If an athlete is proficient in their movements and patient with themself and the rate of progress, they will have a safe and enjoyable experience, and achieve success in a shorter amount of time.

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