CrossFit WOD, August 17, 2021

December 12, 2022
CrossFit WOD, August 17, 2021



AMRAP 10:00 or 4 rounds
10 Cossack Squats
8 Scap Pull-Ups + 8 Kip Swings
10 Barbell Kang Squats
10 No Dip Muscle Cleans
5 Hollow Rocks
5:00 to build to Front Squat working weight


FS: [20:00-26:00]
REST: [26:00-30:00]
BS: [30:00-32:00]

Front Squat (@10X1; EMOM 6:00 x 4 reps)

Use 70% of FS 1RM
BUILD: use a light/moderate

Back Squat (1 x 15 reps (unbroken))

Aim for 70-73% of 1RM
*we should be starting to get towards that feel of a 15 rep max back squat and if you haven't tested this before, this might be a new 15RM for you right now. Get ready to test in week 6!

Specific Prep

Toes to Bar:
10 Kip Swings + 5 Kipping Leg Raise + 5 Toes to bar
1 round w/ empty bar or lighter than workout weight
5 DL + 5 Hang Power Clean + 5 Front Squats + 3/3 Front rack Lunges
1 Round w/ workout weight
6-8 Hang Power Clean
4-6/leg Front Rack Lunge



Chardee MacDennis (Time)

5 Rounds (FIRM Time CAP 20:00)
12 Toe to bar
12 Hang Power Clean 95/65#
16 Front Rack Lunges 95/65#

Open/RX+: 15 Toe to Bar & Bar (115/75#)
Time Domain: 14:00-18:00
CHOOSE light weights today for barbell work, I would like to see unbroken sets or at most one short break.
For Toes to bar, choose a rep/volume you can complete in 1-3 quick sets each round, try to avoid getting to fast singles today. If your T2B volume isn’t quite there, do less reps each round or modify to something a bit easier that you can go unbroken or 2 sets throughout entire workout.

Chardee MacDennis (BUILD) (Time)

5 Rounds (FIRM Time CAP 20:00)
12 Hang Knee Raise -or- V-Ups
12 Hang Power Clean 75/55#
16 Front Rack lunge 75/55#

Cool Down/Stretch

2min Elevated Pigeon Stretch (each side)
2min Weighted Standing Straddle
1min couch stretch (each side)
2min Single leg Forward Fold (each side)

Accessory Work

Metcon (Time)

4 Sets
Max Unbroken Banded Strict Chest to Bar Pull-Ups
15 Feet Elevated Parallette Push-Ups
:30-:40sec Dual Kneeling DB OH Hold 50/35#
15 GHD Sit-Ups

Conditioning EXTRA

Metcon (Time)

8 sets
400m run
rest 1:1

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