CrossFit WOD, July 15, 2021

December 12, 2022
CrossFit WOD, July 15, 2021



2 Rounds
2min Bike (60sec ez, 40sec mod, 20sec hard)
10/10 Single Arm Upright Rows
25ft/25ft SA Bottoms Up KB Carry
10/10 crossbody SL RDL
8/8 Quadruped Thoracic Rotations

Specific Prep

Toe to Bar Skill Work Partner Drills:
- using hands as target, place hand in front of belly and hand behind back, then have athlete do kip swing working on belly touching hand then back touching hand. Increase distance between hands as athlete gets better with swing
-Then, give athlete a target to touch with feet, only go as high as the athlete can maintain tension in the swing (can use alternating toe to bar to see if you can increase ROM on this one)
-Finally have athletes go either Knee to Elbow, Alternating Toe to Bar, or Toe to Bar

Alt SA Hang Clean and Jerk
-Practice where to transition from hand to hand. Ideally we want athletes to transition from shoulder to opposite hand on the way down or just in front of face with a quick drop and switch.

Box Jump Overs
-Work efficiency tips here today, think lateral box jump overs, jump and rotate on box with step-down, etc.

Strict Handstand Push-Ups
-Big key we want athletes to takeaway today is hand placement and how that allows them to utilize their shoulders today.



Hollywood Boulevard (4 Rounds for reps)

20:00 EMOM
min1: 8-12 Toe to Bar
min 2: 10-14 SA DB Hang Clean and Jerk 35/25#
min 3: 8-12 Box Jump Overs 24/20''
min 4: 5-10 Kipping HSPU
min 5: Rest
Open/RX+: 10-15 T2B, 50/35#, 10-15 BJO, 5-10 Strict HSPU

CC: Sustain
Score: Lowest # Round of Reps on each Movement



Metcon (Time)

100 Empty Barbell Strict Press 45/35
*every time you break 5 Burpees

Cool Down/Stretch

90-90 Rig Stretch x 1min/side
Down Dog hold with calf gas pedaling x 1min
Up dog x 1min
Down Dog hold with calf gas pedaling x 1min
Lacrosse Ball Pec Smash out x 30sec/side

Conditioning EXTRA

Metcon (Time)

Ruta 40
For Time:
25 Burpees to 12'' Target above reach
20/15 Cal Bike
20 Burpees to 12'' Target above reach
15/12 Cal Bike
15 Burpees to 12'' Target above reach
10/9 Cal Bike

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