CrossFit WOD, December 16, 2021

December 12, 2022
CrossFit WOD, December 16, 2021



400m Run
2 Rounds of
10 Banded Good mornings
6 Plate A-T-Y-W
10 Glute Bridge SA DB Bench (bench vertical)
6 Ring Face Pulls
:20sec alternating plank shoulder taps

Specific Prep

Point of performance for BP:
- Shoulders set into bench + Heels pressed into floor
- Bar Path straight up and down
- Brief instruction on how to spot for BP
2-3 sets of 3-5 reps building to starting weight for CGBP


Part A [20:00-35:00]
REST [35:00-40:00]
Part B [40:00-47:00]

Close Grip Bench Press (@10X1; Build to a 1RM in 15:00)

Close Grip Bench Press (@2011; Build to tough set of 5 in 15:00)

Close Grip Bench Press Capacity Test (Time)

For Time (7:00 Time Cap)
30 reps @ 80% of your 1RMWe are testing our 1RM Bench Press today and where our capacity is today. We haven't spent a ton of time developing the bench, however we have put in a considerable amount of work getting the shoulders to feel healthy and strong, let's see where we are at.

Close Grip Bench Press Capacity Test (BUILD) (AMRAP - Reps)

CGBP @3030; AMRAP 5:00 using 80% of your tough set of 5 reps



Assault Bike 10:00 for cals (Calories)

Assault Bike 10:00 for calsBe sure to record 2 things:
1)Total Cals
2) Average RPMs

OPEN (RX+) Consider performing this test on an Echo bike since this is the "Official Comp" bike for CF now

This is a test we see a few times per year, and one a lot of you do during your first week of on ramp.

Cool Down/Stretch

[after class]
2min Barbell Adductor Stretch
1min Barbell Foam Roll Thoracic Extension
1min Scorpion Stretch (each side)
30sec Thread the needle stretch (each side)
1min pigeon pose (each side)

Accessory Work

Metcon (Time)

3-4 Sets, For Quality
10 Feet Elevated Parallette Push-Ups
10/10 Single Leg Med-Ball Hamstring Curl
5-10 Strict Ring Dips
100ft D-Ball or Sandbag Carry

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