CrossFit WOD, February 14, 2022

December 12, 2022
CrossFit WOD, February 14, 2022



8:00 AMRAP
1:00 Cardio (Jog, Bike or Row)
:30sec/:30sec Lat Foam Roll
10 Dead bug
10/10 Bird-Dog
:30sec Supine Grip Dead-Hang
5 Hang Muscle Snatch
5 Snatch Grip Strict Press
5 Overhead Squat

Specific Prep

Go over snatch balance and give time to build to weight for weightlifting



Snatch Balance + OHS (1.2 x EMOM 8:00)

* All sets @ 60-70% of Snatch
*Work on Speed Under the Bar
* We want to tap into some technique work this week on our deload to make sure we keep things firing while letting the body fully recover.

Snatch Grip Push Press + Snatch Balance (1.2 x EMOM 8:00)

Keep weight light and focus on movement
On snatch balance - squat as low as you can while maintaining good positions

Specific Prep

Bar Muscle up modifications:
Banded Bar Muscle-Up
Box Bar Muscle-Ups
Adding in some short skill progression ideas for the day for our athletes, with the knowledge that we are only giving them the tools and guidance to practice these during the Specific Prep

every 90s x 3-4 sets:
1-2 bar Muscle ups/attempts/progression reps
3-5 Snatches (workout variation) building each set to workout weight(s)



The Sleeper (2 Rounds for reps)

8:00 EMOM
Min 1: 15/12 Cal Row
Min 2: 10 Toe to Bar
Min 3: 15/11 Cal Bike
Min 4: 7 Power Snatch + OHS @ 60%

REST 4:00

8:00 EMOM
Min 1: 15/12 Cal Row
Min 2: 8 Burpee Pull-Ups
Min 3: 15/11 Cal Bike
Min 4: 5 Power Snatch + OHS @ 70%

Min 2:
12 Toes to Bar
6/4 Bar Muscle-Ups

Min 4:
Squat snatches at 60% and 70%
CC: Sustain/Pacer
This workout is meant to be lowering in volume while still challenging each athlete at where they are at. We should have the row and the bike take about 45sec here, which will allow enough time to chalk up before hitting the Toes to Bar, Bar Muscle-Ups, or Snatches today.

We want to practice some percentage snatches along with high skill gymnastics under fatigue to mimic the kinds of test we should expect to see in the CrossFit Open.

Sleeper (BUILD) (2 Rounds for reps)

8:00 EMOM
Min 1: 15/12 Cal Row
Min 2: 10 Strict Knee Raises
Min 3: 15/11 Cal Bike
Min 4: 7 Hang Power Snatch @ light weight

R: 4:00

8:00 EMOM
Min 1: 15/12 Cal Row
Min 2: 8 Burpee Jumping Pull-Ups
Min 3: 15/11 Cal Bike
Min 4: 5 Hang Power Snatch @ slightly heavier weight

Cool Down/Stretch

1min Barbell Foam Roll Thoracic Extension
:30/:30 Thread the needle stretch
1min/1min pigeon pose

Accessory Work

Metcon (Weight)

2 Rounds, For Quality
8 Dual KB Front Squat @3330
:20/:20 Side Plank
:20/:20 Foot Elevated Glute Bridge Hold

Extra Open Prep

Back Squat (3 Sets x 5 Reps; rest as needed)

@ 75% of 1RM

Isabel (Time)

For Time: 30 Snatches, 135# / 95#Rest EXACTLY 5:00 before Part C

Grace (Time)

For Time:
30 Clean and Jerks, 135# / 95#

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