CrossFit WOD, July 25, 2022

December 12, 2022
CrossFit WOD, July 25, 2022



7:00 @ warm up pace
10/10 arm swings
5/5 Deep lunge mtn. climbers
10 single DB Thruster (both hands on one DB)
10 kip swings

Specific Prep

COACHING Cues: Drive Shoulders Back Up into the bar & get your back tight/set (Thoracic Extension).
Back Squat build: 10-8-6; Every 2:00



Back Squat (@22X1; 6-6-6; every 3:30 )

Build each set if tempo is perfect

Back Squat (@2111; 10-10-10; every 3:30)

Build as form allows

Specific Prep

Pull Up Cues: Hands just outside shoulder width, with a full grip on bar (knuckles up and thumb wrapped) + Initiate movement through shoulders (not feet)
15s active hang (check in with above points of performance)
1-5 strict Pull Ups (or jumping eccentric pull up)
15s kip swings - CUE initiating with shoulders
3-5 kipping pull ups / CTB pull ups

DB Thrusters Cue: same as barbell thruster, we want to drive the DB off our shoulders with our hips and legs, not push the DB with arms. COACHES watch for early pushing on these today, as that will interfere with pull ups more.
5 dual DB front Squat
5 dual Db Push Press (CUE big hip and leg drive here, patience on pressing through arms)
5 Dual DB thrusters



Wish (Time)

5 rounds for even splits (12:00 Time Cap)
10 Pull Ups
7 Dual DB Thrusters (35/25)
Rest 30s after each round

OPEN (RX+): CTB Pull Ups / DBs (50/35)
CC: Push/Threshold w/ even splits
GOAL is to keep each round even (45s to 1:15 work) so find that fine line of speed and sustainable pace today.
DB should be moderate, ideally unbroken sets all the way through
Pull Ups will have a few different strategies based on your abilities. Unbroken or 2 sets per round is goal here.

Wish (BUILD) (Time)

5 rounds
10 Banded Pull Ups
7 Dual DB Thrusters (25/15)
Rest 30s b/t rounds

Cool Down/Stretch

Triceps stretch 1:00/side
Lying Chest Stretch 1:00/side

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