CrossFit WOD, June 14, 2022

December 12, 2022
CrossFit WOD, June 14, 2022



AMRAP 8:00
30s bike (increase pace each round)
5/leg box step ups
3 push up to down dog
5 ring rows -or- strict pull ups -or- scap pull ups
3/3 Single Leg Crossbody RDL (holding DB in opposite hand from working leg)

Specific Prep

Close grip Bench Press: Elbows in, heels and butt down, shoulder set and pushed into bench
2 sets of
10 reps at our tempo for the day w/ empty bar
8 reps with some weight added

Pull Ups
ROM: Full Lock out at bottom, even of you have to rest at bottom with feet touching the ground AND chin over the bar at top.
Quick demo of Supinated Grip (underhand)
Quick Demo of how to "weight" your pull ups (holding DB between feet or weight belts with KBs)
6-8 reps with no weight at our intended tempo



Close Grip Bench Press (@3011; 8-8-8; every 2:30)

Building in weight each if tempo is SOLID

Weighted Supinated Grip Pull Up (@2110; 8-8-8; every 2:30)

Supinated Grip Pull Up ((Banded) 12-20 reps x 3 sets; every 2:00)

Choose a heavy enough band so that each set is unbroken

Specific Prep

DB Snatch: Keep DB tight to body all the way up and back down to floor. Finish each rep with elbow locked out and DB stacked over hip/shoulder
6-8 alternating DB snatch w/ workout weight

Wreck Bag Step Ups:
How to clean and back rack a wreck bag
4-6 alt. step ups w/ working weight

HSPU: Create a solid stable tripod with an active shoulder, then move into extension
through a strong kip (think heels to ceiling) and strong press through shoulders. Finish with a firm lockout at the elbow and flexing the core.
10-15s HS hold against wall
2-4 Kick up to Handstand and controlled lower of head to floor/mat (can start with some abmats here)
2-3 kipping HSPU



Whole Lotta Love (Time)

For Time (12:00 Time CAP)
50/42 calorie bike
40 alt. DB Snatch (35/25)
30 Back Rack Wreck Bag Box Step Ups (50/35#) 24/20"
20 HSPU (up to 2 abmats)

OPEN (RX+): Wreck Bag (70/50#) / 20 HSPU (head and hands at same level)

Goal: 9-12:00
Today we have a chipper that start with a big stretch on the bike. How hard you push here will really dictate how the rest of the workout goes, so plan to be a bit conservative here, think 85%.
DB snatch should feel smooth and not so heavy that you must take lots of breaks. 20-20 or even 4 sets of 10 with a quick break.
Step ups should be grindy and steady - aim for one set here
Nothing really interferes with your ability to do HSPU but you will be breathing heavy, so just start.

Whole Lotta Love (BUILD) (Time)

For Time (12:00 Time CAP)
40/32 calorie bike
40 alt. DB Snatch (25/15)
30 Box Step Ups (unloaded) 24/20"
20 DB Strict Press (25/15)

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