CrossFit WOD, June 17, 2021

December 12, 2022
CrossFit WOD, June 17, 2021



2 Rounds for Quality
25ft Quadruped Crawl Slow Deliberate
7/side KB Windmills
6-8/side SA DB External Rotation 30X0
30sec Reverse Plank

Shoulder Cars x 1min/side


Handstand Walk
**1 Wall Walk to 10 Wall Facing Shoulder Taps **
Goal here is hollow body position, straight arms and elevating shoulder blades on wall walk, then pressing hard through ground alternate hands for shoulder taps

**Wall Facing Lateral Walk along wall, 5 steps one way + 5 steps back**
Facing wall maintaining hollow position, move to right 5 steps then 5 steps left

**Handstand Walk to Wall**
Kick up to Handstand, farther away from wall then normal, then walk hands to normal position, then try to kick up while feet are off wall and take a couple steps, move farther and farther away from wall, or use a friend as a spot

For those that do not want to work on progressions:
EMOM 6:00
1: Wall Walk x 2-3
2: Hollow Rocks x 30-45s



It Keeps Going and Going and Going (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP 30:00
Cal Row
Wall Walk [3-6-9-12...)
Cal Bike
100ft Mixed Carry (FR + OH @ 45/25#)**
**switch hands @ 50ft

Cal Row
Handstand Walk (10’-15’-20’-25’…)
Cal Bike
100ft Mixed Carry (FR + OH @ 53/35#)**
**switch hands at 50ft
· Conditioning Category: SUSTAIN/PACER
· Choose loads for carry that you are able to hold GREAT positions and go unbroken
· Pacing on bike and rower should be 70-75% aerobic pace

It Keeps Going and Going and Going (BUILD) (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP 30:00
Cal Row
Inch Worm (1-2-3-4…) (walk out to plank + I push + walk hands back to feet=1 rep)
Cal Bike
100ft Dual FR Carry (DB 30/20)

Cool Down/Stretch

30sec 90/90 Shoulder Slide (each sdie)
30sec Banded Lat Distraction (each side)
30sec Banded Tricep Stretch (each side)
1min Prayer Stretch

Accessory Work


5 Sets
15sec/15sec Copenhagen Plank
15sec/15sec Star Plank
Rest as needed

Barbell / Extra Strength

3 Position Clean (1+1+1 x 7 Sets; rest as needed)

Clean + Hang Clean + High Hang CleanStart at 65% --> increase to 77%

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