CrossFit WOD, February 3, 2022

December 12, 2022
CrossFit WOD, February 3, 2022



8:00 AMRAP
:30sec Jump Rope
10/10 Pallof Press
10 Supermans
10 V-Ups
7/7 KB Windmill


15:00 Handstand Walk Practice

The focus here is to give athletes time to practice and play with handstand walk variations and progressions. Spend 15 minutes of total time going through the progressions and giving athletes time to practice.

GUIDED Practice:
EMOM 10:00
1: Handstand hold against wall -or- shoulder taps
2: Walking towards wall, walking out in space, or walking around box

Specific Prep

Get set up for workout
Walk through/ Practice/refresher on Turkish Get Up



Marcus Aurelius (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)

20:00 AMRAP
20/16 Cal Bike
3 Wall Walk
40 Double Unders
15 Weighted Sit-Ups
2/2 Turkish Get-Ups 35/25#

20:00 AMRAP
20/16 cal Bike
5 Wall Walk
60 Double Unders
15 GHD sit ups
2/2 Turkish Get-Ups 53/35#
CC: Sustain/PACER
Goal: 3 Rounds
This workout is all about midline conditioning and stability. Work your way through consistent wall walks and work to breathe through the double Unders and GHD’s before slowing things down and hitting quality Turkish Get-Ups.

Marcus Aurelius (Time)

20:00 AMRAP
12/8 cal bike
2 Wall Walk -or- inch worm + push up
60 Single Unders
15 Sit-Ups
2/2 "No Weight" Turkish Get-Ups

Cool Down/Stretch

2 Rounds Through
Right Leg + Left Leg
:15sec Down Dog
:30sec Low Lunge
:15 Elbow to Knee and Rotate
:15sec Reach to Sky and Hold
:30sec Half Kneeling Hamstring Stretch
:30sec Half Pigeon

Accessory Work


3 Sets
20 Weighted Russian Twists
:30 Side Plank (Right)
:30 Side Plank (Left)
4 Dragon Flags

R: as needed b/s

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